Mystery School Level 1

Mystery School 1 was something that I had wanted to attend since I first learn’t about it on the Transference website five years ago.  My heart and soul were ignited and I was yearning to get there and was prepared to meet all the challenges and pre-requisites. The experiences I received at the Mystery School were truly beyond words and imagination.  How blessed I feel! All of this would not have been possible without Alexis re-establishing the Mystery School back onto the planet. My deepest and heartfelt gratitude goes to Alexis for creating, channelling and teaching the wisdoms of this Mystery School  as well as holding the space for all of us to learn and grow in the energy.
melissa habibi - TESTIMONIALS

Mystery School Level 1

Throughout the process, I experienced deep levels of purification and many initiations which is a true blessing as it has given me the opportunity to grow and ascend at a rapid pace. I thank Alexis and Irene for being so pure, amazing and supportive throughout the entire process, it’s a true honour to be experiencing this process with them. I very much look forward to learn and absorb more in next levels of Mystery School, and highly recommend anyone who is considering to take this next step in their spiritual empowerment process.

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Mystery School Level 1

What a journey it has been to reach this point in my spiritual awakening. Being on location in Hawaii provided me a sacred sanctuary to find myself, my divinity/lineage and my purpose here on earth. The ancient wisdom learned through initiations, activations and teachings resonated such a truth that touched and made my heart sing. Every tiny cell in me light up with joy; like a light bulb being connected to its energy source. The biggest thing for me on location was to transcend the cultural and geographical barriers to achieve global unification. The connection to each of the participants was profound and deeply appreciated. I learned something new every day and saw a bit of myself in each of the participants. “We are all one”; This was a huge realisation that came through for me in the moment. 


Mystery School Level 1

‘I am home.’  If Mystery School had to be summed up in one phrase, this would be it.  Sitting with Alexis in Mystery School is like being read the ancient sacred texts, where the words come alive in your reality.  The key being that you are not intellectualising the words, but rather absorbing the wisdom, energies and frequencies into your whole being and creating a new, exciting reality for yourself.

Mystery School Level 1

When I reflect back on the past three weeks it has been like I have been on a magical, mystical carpet ride around planet earth – interdimensionally.  We have been taken back to the point of creation and reconnected back through each of the Golden Ages to bring through the universal teachings and understanding of where we began, where we have been and where we are going.  To stand in our light, faith, trust and integrity so that we can begin to self master, be of service to Spirit and assist humanity to self heal, reconnect back, and enter into the Seventh Golden Age.  I personally will never be the same.  I would like to say thank you from the deepest chambers of my heart for having the courage and strength to re-establish here on planet Earth the ancient teachings of the Mystery School that were once thought to be lost forever. To my fellow class soul mates, you will be forever in my heart and thank you for your support and friendship. And to the Goddess ….see you at Mystery School Level 2.


Mystery School Level 1

For me, every day was a day packed with new gifts, experiences, insights and awe. Our experiential work, study and practice were guided and conducted in an atmosphere of peace, non-judgmentalism and love. This allowed each person to have their own unique experience, whilst attuning them to the highest spiritual principles with which Transference Healing Mystery School is conducted. I found Mystery School to be a profound experience in a very high quality environment. The principles of love, respect, care, beauty, peace, humility and clarity are perfectly embodied by our teacher, Alexis Cartwright, as she supported us in learning sacred healing techniques. There was a depth and veracity in every word and action that told me, in the depths of my being, that these three weeks would alter me and help me grow in ways I don't believe any other process or modality on the planet is capable of. One of the singular joys of Transference Healing is its accessibility – it leaves an individual free to be who they are without requiring obedience to a 'guru' – it's inclusive. It can be learned by anyone who can read, or even be taught to someone who can't and depends only on the learner's willingness to grow (as I have found the practices themselves reveal new insights to me over time) from where they are, be they Jew, Muslim, Christian, Pagan or Jedi Knight. My loving thanks for upholding and sharing the beauty and power of this magical  modality, now and always. My spiritual commitment has been renewed and strengthened and my soul rejoices. I took home precious friendships and spiritual practices that I know support me in every way.

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Mystery School Level 1

Spending 3½ weeks at the Transference Healing Mystery School in Hawaii felt like being suspended in time and space, traversing many worlds to a reality where unity, love and a sense of the sacred was of the highest priority. I deeply appreciate having been initiated into such an honouring feminine way. What I adored the most on a daily level was the ritual and ceremony of our initiations, the constant presence of the ancient wise ones supporting us as a whole and the balanced way the soul group came together to encourage each other during times of need, and times of celebration! What surprised me the most, having run Transference Healing energy for many years, was the eclectic nature within the frequencies of the energy itself and how Transference encompasses such a totality of lineages. But, what was totally above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined was to have been in the presence of, and taught by, a Master such as Alexis. I know I’m both deeply blessed and deeply changed forever by the magic and mystery that she revealed to us all. It was the best 3½ weeks of my life, and I can’t wait for Level 2!  Love and blessings, Rena.


Mystery School Level 1

The Mystery School was one of the most profound experiences of my life. From the moment I touched down on the magical island of Hawaii, until the moment I left, it was if I was in another dimension. Even time itself seemed to work differently.  The setting for this Mystery School will hold a space in my heart forever. The earth is so vibrant and young in Hawaii that it fills you with vigour, making it the ideal space for healing and clearing. When it comes to the Mystery School itself I find it hard to capture the experience in words. What I do know is that as I sit here and type this testimonial I am not the same person who left England back on that grey winter morning at the beginning of January. All the answers I wanted from the Mystery School and all the expectations I had were fulfilled and exceeded. I have so much more clarity on who I am, why I have made the choices I have in my life and the destiny and purpose that lies before me. Since returning home this knowledge has mostly confronted me rather than inspired me and I have been going through a BIT of a process! As with any death the re-birth is sure to follow and now with a lighter heart, stronger faith and growing courage I continue on my path of destiny. 


Mystery School Level 1

I quickly learnt that coming to Mystery School at Hawaii was not about my choice. Rather, it was Divine Will and Divine timing. Coming to Hawaii in peace and openness, ready to surrender and let go on a different level, rather than with any expectation. The Goddess has blessed, healed and protected me far beyond my wildest dreams. Spirit has cleared so much physical pain, emotional trauma and grief from very old, deep planes and levels that at last I feel light. I have found the little girl in me, and am giggling with gay abandon, as I did as a child. The sacred ceremonies and initiations are profound, stirring ancient memories of my lineage, encouraging my spiritual empowerment, bringing through a deeper level of faith, belief and trust. I feel it, I know it! Mystery School has made me feel strong and own my uniqueness. My heart is opening more, I am anchoring more Light and I can do as the Goddess has asked, “To step up now … it is my time.”


Mystery School Level 1

After being on the Big Island in Hawaii for three weeks immersed in the teachings and energies of Transference Healing®, my faith has strengthened and I know the path I am taking is the only one for me. Being taught on a daily basis by Alexis was an absolute privilege and I feel totally blessed to be part of her team. Mystery School has taught me to honour the goddess energy and allowed me to reconnect to ancient worlds and knowledge through the many initiations and activations I experienced. I especially loved all the ceremony, the ancient rituals and walking into our ‘temple’ every day to see what journey was in store for us. Being at Mystery School has deepened my commitment to Spirit, deepened my commitment as a Transference® Healer, taught me more discipline, taught me to realise and own my power, made my destiny and purpose clearer and enabled me to begin to embody the teachings of Spirit. I thank each and every one of my Transference® sisters for the opportunity to share this amazing experience. This is a journey I will cherish forever.

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Mystery School Level 1

Join your like minded group of international light workers for much fun, enlightenment and educational value, whether that be through a day of study, initiations, healing exchanges, or all of these put together. Days off are a time for you to experience the diversity of yourself, your companions and the island. The Seahorse Conservation Farm, Whale Watching and Swimming with the Dolphins all come highly recommended, although we do advise that you could be feeling emotionally fragile by this point so any interaction with the local wildlife could lead to a downpour of tears, humility and surrender at any time (no extra charge for this service). All joking aside nothing ever prepares you for a week with Alexis, let alone three and after a month of being home already I see that even though we have only paid for those three weeks, what we get is a lifetime (if not many) worth of growth, knowledge and information that I truly feel blessed and honoured to receive. We, the Earth and Humanity are truly blessed to have such courageous, limitless and unconditional teachers like Alexis and Megan and all of the Transference Healing® team.


Mystery School Level 1

Writing this has felt almost impossible for there are no words to express the wonder and awe of what has unfolded here. Being suspended for these three weeks, I have felt so free and at home amongst the particular elements of Hawaii.  It has been profound, precious and unforgettable to learn such sacred teachings in this setting. I know we have come together as a soul group offering love and support to each other.  It has always felt a safe space in which to be vulnerable and honest. I thank Alexis for holding this space and for showing us the way always in integrity and with unconditional love. This has been the greatest gift I could have given myself. I am not the same person who arrived here three weeks ago. Without this who knows if I would ever have experienced such purification and lifting of the veils. Although I am feeling my limitations, I feel empowered by the new tools and procedures and excited to test out this new found sense of self in the ‘real world’.  The learning from this Mystery School will go on for the rest of my life.  I give love, light, immense gratitude and blessings to all who have shared this experience.

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Mystery School Level 1

Friendship, sisterhood, rollercoaster, these are all the experiences of Mystery School Level 1 for me. It has been such a privilege to be here amongst so many beautiful women, watching their process unfold, shed their old skin and birth into a new way of being. To witness and be part of the laughter and tears is a gift that I will remember and treasure in my heart. So many fears and limitations released in the last three weeks, many swept away with the help of my roomies. I really felt and enjoyed so much unconditional love for them – most of the time!  And today when I felt my heart couldn’t open anymore, I was enabled to push through again and feel more.  Mystery School Level 1 has not been anything I thought it might be. I have learned so much, mostly about myself. I am happy to be going home a stronger and freer woman. So I end where I began – it took me choosing to live to get here. Being here I have lived and connected more deeply to myself and to Spirit and I leave with some wonderful tools to enable me to live my life. Thank you all from my heart.

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Mystery School Level 1

The sacredness of the Transference Healing® teachings conveyed by Alexis with her unconditional grace made the Mystery school the most worthwhile event of my life. To have been blessed by such a life-changing experience is a great honour.  The easiest way to describe my time in Hawaii is to say that it was like the creation of a French Impressionist’s painting, with many beautifully coloured and textured dots, (ie., magical moments, emotional and physical sensations, realisations, laughter and tears) all contributing to the whole. Held in the space, gloriously created by the sacred energy, wisdom and mastership of Alexis, true alchemical magic was created by the coming together of the elements, both within and without.  What amazing shifts and changes and what a privilege to be amongst such a courageous group of women, everyone uniquely demonstrating their strength in vulnerability and the beauty of spirit. I feel so much (still unfolding) love and appreciation for the wonderful and inspiring women with whom so many illuminating and magical moments were shared.  Bless you for coming into my life, you are forever in my heart.


Mystery School Level 2

I have truly enjoyed Mystery School Level 2. It was deep, very expanded and very sacred. It has given me many practices to come home with and continue the work so I can continue to grow. To compare with MS1, I would say MS1 was small steps and MS2 was bigger deeper steps.  From this experience I have grown on an emotional and spiritual level and maybe on physical level from all the food!!!
Mystery School Level 2

Every day of the Mystery School was so amazing and has impacted every part of me. Every single day has been a journey of awakening for me, one I have been searching for all my life and l feel so happy that I am on the right path. I would like to say how much I have enjoyed reconnecting with all the beautiful women (and man) of Transference, and how much more my life has become enriched by our friendships, your love and support and by our closeness. I feel so blessed and honoured to be part of the Transference Family and look forward to our journey together. To Alexis, my Teacher, l would like to say the biggest thank you from the deepest parts of my soul and my heart. You are truly an amazing woman, an inspiration and a shining light for all of us. I look up to you with admiration, respect and much much love. I am so looking forward to making this deeper commitment and connection to Spirit, to be of service to humanity, to be living in the now, to be true to myself, and to fulfil my life’s and soul's journey and purpose on this Earth.

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Mystery School Level 2

I feel so blessed and grateful to have been a part of this Mystery School and a part of the Transference Healing frequency. I feel my perspective on my life has made a huge shift on a much deeper level. The circumstances playing out in my life and the challenges I will face (and am facing) when I returned home, somehow shifted into a more universal understanding.  This realisation has brought a sense of trust and faith and a deep sense of peace, strength and courage. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

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Mystery School Level 4

I feel like I have waiting my whole life for the teachings of MS4.  Profoundly unblocked so much within so I could birth and hold true to the Divine I AM presence.


Mystery School Level 4

What I loved most about Level 4 Mystery School is its approach to investigating the depths of different Ancient Teachings, drawing on each spiritual lineage and its practices to reveal how Transference Healing connects to each one.  Importantly, I came to see how all of these lineages ultimately come from one source.  Level 4 Mystery School confirmed for me that Transference Healing is truly a divinely-guided ascension modality that supports the alchemical process of the body, mind and soul.  It underlined that Transference Healing unifies all ancient teachings, providing an opportunity to accelerate your Ascension Process.


Mystery School Level 4

Mystery School 4 wove all previous Mystery School levels together to create total unification. It birthed within in an understanding of oneness for a more purified, balanced and perfected sense of self and being.  This has been a life changing, profound and magical Mystery School.


Mystery School Level 4

I wish to express my gratitude to Alexis and the Transference Healing team for their unfailing efforts to ensure that Mystery School 4 was the outstanding success it was.  France is a beautiful country and so perfect for the energies of MS4 and the French people were so obliging.  The teachings were sublime and the gridding tour, which took us to some truly breathtaking basilicas, was thoroughly enjoyable, made even more pleasurable by a comfortable bus and an entertaining and knowledgeable guide.  Every day was an exciting adventure on all levels.  I have loved all the Mystery School teachings, but I would have to say that Mystery School 4 (2016) has so far contained my favourite teachings of all and I am so grateful to have been an attendee.

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Mystery School Level 4

The information & teachings of MS4 was mind-blowing. I encountered yet another huge step in the teachings of this Mystery School, which has been profound and life-changing.  Mystery School 4 has connected me into the deepest depths of my soul and being.  It released past life wounding & patterning, enabling me to create new foundations & a new reality.  With deepest gratitude to Alexis.