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Interdimensional Doorways – Ireland

I am so excited to be returning to England and Ireland in 2018, the gridlines of which have always held a special place in my heart. To honour this, I have been compelled to hold a special one-day event at both of these locations.

Interdimensional Doorways is being held for all those who want to explore the parallel realms that connect through to these sacred gridlines. For this event, I will work with specific cosmic and elemental energies that support your connection to universal knowledge (through the Akashic Records), so you can develop a deeper connection to your Higher Self. This universal knowledge will open and strengthen your connections to Golden Ages of the past (including Lemuria and Atlantis), supporting you to anchor a higher reality in the world of form.  

This one-day event is also an opportunity for profound personal healing. We will be activating your chakra system to accelerate physical healing. We will also support you to encode your cosmic blueprint into your DNA, so your oversoul or cosmic self can anchor into physical form. Interdimensional Doorways will expand your psychic perception, while stimulating your ability to hold ‘higher consciousness’ with more ease.

This event is an opportunity to assimilate an interdimensional transference shift in mind, body and soul. Support yourself to explore alternate realities so you can connect to your cosmic origins. Strengthen your connection to guides for the anchoring of your Higher Self and reality on Earth.

Bookings close on 31 March 2018. After this time, I will tune into the group to bring through what is needed for you to connect to these realms. This will begin a healing process for you, on an absentee level. It will purify your body, creating subtle changes that will help you embody the energies that come through on the day of the event.

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05 May 2018


10:00 AM - 05:00 PM


$315 (AUD)





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