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Facilitated by Alexis Cartwright

DATE:             24 APRIL 2016


TIME:              4:00-6:00PM  (Central European Time Zone)

Part 1 of this series will take place in France, where Alexis will be facilitating Mystery School Level 4. Participation in this mass healing will enable you to experience the divine energies that will be templating as she teaches this level of wisdom.

For this event, Alexis will be channelling energies and teachings through the energetic support of Ain Soph, Mother Mary, Archangel Gabriel, John the Baptist and Isis. You will be connected to the ninth Sephirah of the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life; Yesod. This is the sphere of Foundation. It connects to the hidden and more refined realms of nature, which sustain the alchemical essence of ether – the womb of the great creator – and other fine electromagnetic substances that stimulate ongoing healing and evolution.

This divine sphere connects you to the latent powers of the kundalini, and the sexual and procreative organs of the human body, delegating the etheric body and soul to integrate with the physical (via the navel chakra). Yesod supports healing in both body and soul by way of the archetypal Goddess; Sophia.  All higher energies that orchestrate healing must first pass through the sphere of Yesod to anchor into physical form. It births the elements necessary to heal in preparation to receive the Holy Spirit. Throughout this mass healing you will be triggered to heal genetic distortion, and painful memories rooted in the conception and birthing process, not only for yourself, but also your family line.

On this night you will work with the unseen elements of nature and absorb blessings from the higher realms. Connect to the way of the Goddess to bring alchemy into the body and awaken deeper dimensions of your psyche. Receive a divine blessing through the essence of Sophia as you are guided through a regression into a holy place and time for a connection to the Essenes.

Purifying before and after this mass healing is highly recommended. For this mass healing we recommend the Mother Mary Bath Salts and Mother Mary Purification Mist, though resining and white lighting your space will also be sufficient. [/learn_more]


Facilitated by Alexis Cartwright, this four-part series will support your embodiment of the divine energies that will be dispersed into our evolving reality throughout 2016. As new elements birth within our universe throughout the year, you are being supported to undergo a radical shift in consciousness to stabilise higher vibrations and manifest a higher reality. It is now time to begin anchoring, into physical reality, the new way.

2016 is a 9 year, and is therefore delegated by the 9th sphere of the Tree of Life; YESOD. On a universal level it will bring completion. It will cleanse old pain and patterning to birth newer, purified vibrations in your reality. 2016 is the year for universal clearing and new foundations.

Throughout this four-part series you will be triggered to embrace Divine Will.  With each meditation you will be supported to harmonise your energies with the creative flow and change that will take place in your reality, supporting ongoing healing and enlightenment. Feel the essence of the Holy Spirit, the force of the kundalini, and the divine intervention of spiritual guides and teachers. Embrace the power and pure alchemical force of manifestation itself; the creative force of the Feminine Principle of God; the Goddess and Ain Soph.

“Through the energies at play, heal and embody divine transformation for the co-creation of higher vibrational realities.”

Attendance is on an absentee basis only. A visual presentation and recording of the Mass Healing will be made available to all participants in the week following the event.


In 2009 Transference Healing® began facilitating remote participation for presentation/meditation and gridding events in support of its graduates and clients from both Australia and overseas. Every year Alexis facilitates a number of presentation/meditation or gridding events known as ‘Mass Healing and Lightbody Activations’ that through popular demand have now been opened up to those who are not able to physically be on location with Alexis at the time they are performed.

Alexis facilitates these events when she is guided by Spirit. They are often facilitated in Sydney, Australia, and sometimes at different locations around the world where she is facilitating trianing. The channellings she facilitates when at these locations infuse cosmic energies from the universe into the Earth’s grid, to then be anchored and channelled onto the Earth. This supports the Earth’s and humanity’s overall healing and ascension as we evolve and co-create a 5th dimensional reality at this vital time. The information brought through with these channellings also energetically supports attendees.

One does not need to be physically on location in order to participate and receive the unique healings, lightbody activations and teachings these mass healings offer.  Remote participants receive an equal energetic impact during the course of one of these amazing events, just as those on location do. Those that choose to participate and book in as a remote participant are individually called into the energy before the event begins. In this way they are energetically present.

In addition to receiving the personal benefits this participation provides, remotely connecting with others in this way helps us to create a global energetic bond, thereby strengthening our sense of unity within and through the Transference Healing® energy and modality as a whole.

It allows us all to not only energetically participate with each other, but also to disperse the healing process channelled by Alexis out into the world, as we embody its frequencies. At each of these events, the participants involved gain an opportunity to open through the heart chakra and thereby create a powerful and unique healing process to enhance their awakening. They are also given the opportunity to hear channelled teachings that are coming through to support personal and global enlightenment.

As a remote participant you can choose to be as consciously involved in the event as you like, at whatever level of consciousness you are comfortable with. You can choose to find a quiet place to sit and meditate at the time of the event, regardless of the location, or you can go about your day as usual. Whichever way you choose to participate, you will receive the energy and be impacted by it in the same way as you would if you were on location. You may consciously feel altered or affected during the event or you may not; everyone experiences it differently. However, you will be energetically impacted should you choose to be called into the energy during the event.

The information downloaded or channelled through with each event is recorded at the time. The audio recordings of these evenings and the visual presentation that was shown on the night are placed on the Transference Healing® website within a week after the event. In order to protect the commitment made by those who have chosen to book into the event this information is password protected and can only be accessed by those who have booked into each event. An email containing login details is sent to each participant once the recording is available on the website, to allow you to connect with the information that came through on the night. It may be accessed multiple times if desired.