What is Transference Healing?

Transference Healing® is a seventh dimensional frequency-healing and ascension modality that is multidimensional, comprehensive and advanced. It works with the resources of frequency, light and matter (elements) to initiate and support ‘transference’; a shift from one state of being into another. This is pure alchemy.

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Meet Alexis

Alexis Cartwright began opening up to her psychic and spiritual gifts in her early childhood. Growing up in Mount Isa, Australia, (a small mining community in inland Queensland), she always felt a strong connection to the Earth and it’s mineral and crystal properties. Throughout her teenage years her psyche continued to open.

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Free Gift! Download the Chiron chapter from “Beyond Doorways”

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Understanding your unique Chiron wounding is essential for your spiritual growth. It provides insight into your strengths, weaknesses, karmic challenges, and spiritual potential.

When you embrace and comprehend your Chiron wounding, you gain the power to overcome core weaknesses in the present moment. This catalyses healing across all levels – alchemy, genetics, physical, and soul.

True spiritual growth and learning are embodied through this Chiron process. Without this embodiment, genuine transformation remains elusive – it is, without a doubt, the most vital aspect.

May this Chiron chapter continue to support your journey.

With Love and Light,
Alexis Cartwright

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I experience during a Transference Healing session?

Without touching your body, your Transference Healing practitioner will channel interdimensional frequencies into your being. They will intuitively identify the cause of illness or imbalance, and apply specific Transference Healing procedures relevant to your needs.  An intuitive ‘reading’ will be offered at the end of each session, giving you insight into your internal process.

The healing that is initiated during this session will continue over the weeks that follow. During this time, you are energetically supported to embody new levels of wellness and personal growth. To support your integration of these healing frequencies, your practitioner will create a therapeutic essence for you to work with at home.

Although these sessions initiate a physiological healing process, they are a spiritual experience. After a healing you may feel ‘altered’, feel the release of mild symptomatic pain, undergo a subtle identity shift, or have long-standing issues resolve themselves. You may also feel spiritual intervention in your life. Passion and potential resurface as you embody new aspects of self.

Because it works on an etheric level, remote or absentee healings are just as effective. Transference Healing supports healing, personal growth and spiritual empowerment, and is suitable for all ages, conditions and illnesses.

Transference Healing sessions run for approximately 1-2 hours.

How do I book a Transference Healing session?

To book a session with a Transference Healing practitioner, please visit our Healers page. All practitioners featured on our website have learnt Transference Healing with Alexis, and many are also certified to teach Transference Healing workshops and trainings.

Because Transference Healing works on an etheric level, remote or absentee healings are just as effective. This means that you can work with a practitioner from anywhere in the world! If you prefer in-person sessions, you can review the country and location of all our healers to find a practitioner near you.

Whether experiencing a remote or in-person session, your practitioner will provide you with a detailed reading about what came up for you during your session, either by phone, online video communication, or by providing you with a recorded audio clip.

Can I learn Transference Healing for myself?

Yes! It is our philosophy that your personal and unique connection to sacred energies, teachings and powers is an absolute birthright. At its core, Transference Healing is an energy and frequency tool that seeks to empower you to heal yourself.


We offer a range of one-day workshops that support you to learn some of the self-healing procedures that are the foundation of Transference Healing. Each of these workshops work in tandem with Alexis’s publications: Beyond Doorways – The Mysteries Revealed, the Animal Magic Divination Cards, Child of Light Meditations & Affirmations, and the Healing with Alchemy Set. These workshops will soon be available online, with Alexis, however if you wish to sit these workshops in-person, please visit our Healers page to find a teacher near you.

These workshops include:

  • Beyond Doorways 1
  • Beyond Doorways 2
  • Animal Magic
  • Child of Light
  • Alchemy (3 hours)


If you are truly committed to your personal and spiritual empowerment, or you are interested in learning Transference Healing to support yourself and your loved ones, (or maybe even clients and students), our Transference Healing trainings are what you are looking for.

The Fundamental, Advanced and Teacher Trainings are the three principal courses that teach you how to run the Transference Healing energy & frequency.

During these trainings you will receive the knowledge and tools to unearth your self-healing abilities, manifest your gifts and talents, embody a higher state of being, and align your reality with your spiritual path.

Alexis facilitates the Fundamental, Advanced and Teacher trainings online, once a year, with her upcoming training occurring in June 2024.

If you prefer to attend these Trainings in-person, you can also attend the Fundamental and Advanced Trainings with one of our certified teachers. Visit our Healers page to find a teacher near you.

Can anyone attend a Transference Healing training?

Whether you want to learn Transference Healing to support your family unit, or you want to work with Transference Healing to build a business that enables you to live your spirituality every day of your life, the Transference Healing trainings provide the tools you need to commit to your empowerment journey. They can be attended by anyone who wants to learn how to run Transference Healing on themselves or others.

Progression from the Fundamental training to the Advanced training, or the Advanced to the Teachers, is completely optional. Some of our graduates have attended all three trainings one-after-the-other, while others have returned years apart.

There are many layers of learning within Transference Healing. As you continue to work with the energy at home, your consciousness will expand, and you will more finely attune to its frequency. Re-sitting our training supports this process, and many graduates come back each year simply to connect with Alexis and spend time in the energy.

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