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Transference Healing® is rapidly establishing itself on a global level with Registered Healers and Teachers practicing in different locations around the world.  To find a Registered Healer or Teacher in your area, click on the link for your country.  If there are no Registered Healers in your area, you may choose any practitioner and instead receive an absentee healing.

Each location lists Certified Teachers detailing their name, location and a link to their personal profile where available. The icons at the bottom of each Teacher profile shows the Transference Healing qualifications they have achieved. HOVER over the icons to discover more about their corresponding qualifications.

Our directory of Certified Teachers is then, followed by a list of Registered Healers in your area.

All the Teachers and Healers listed here have completed their certification and have chosen to work on a professional level.  All those listed on this website have the capacity to support you in receiving a Transference Healing session, or provide you with the Fundamental training necessary to enter into the Diamond Pyramid of Light™.

Registered Healers and Teachers on this website have attended training upgrades with Alexis Cartwright every two years. This re-sit policy ensures that all Practitioners & Teachers endorsed on our website are not only running Transference Healing correctly, but are also working on their own ascension process.

There are a vast number of Graduates who are certified Transference Healing Healers and Teachers, but are not listed on our website. For your peace of mind, when choosing a Transference Healing Practitioner or Teacher always ensure they are appropriately certified.

The energetic contributions to both Earth and humanity that are attributed to our graduates, whether they are running the energy professionally or not, cannot be underestimated.  We thank them for the support they provide simply by being committed to their own spiritual growth.


Transference Healing has set a price guideline for its Registered Healers to operate within.  Every Registered Healer has the flexibility to choose their fees (within the price range relevant to their certifications) in consideration of their skills, experience and environment.  Find out more GO to our PRICES page.


As a Registered Transference Healing Practitioner and Teacher, I am available for One-on-One Sessions and Absentee Healings.





I was born in France to two loving parents who were thrilled to have a baby girl join their family of sons. However, during the early part of my life, I endured chaos and abuse that largely stemmed from the mental and psychological imbalances that some of my family members suffered from.

I moved to Ireland when I was 20 years old and lived there for 18 years. It was during that time that I first felt the connection to Transference Healing and my spiritual lineage of Mary Magdalene. It was like I’d been touched by something very pure, holy and divine. Learning Transference Healing through my teachers Alexis Cartwright and Nareena-Gaia (Halo Avalon, UK) since 2011, has been life changing for me.

For the past 20 years, I have consistently run this high-frequency energy-healing for myself, my family and my clients. I simply can’t get enough, as I always feel better after every healing or visit to a sacred site.

The reconnection I’ve made to my higher self and path of ascension through this lineage, has helped me to breakthrough many old karmic cycles on a personal and ancestral level – heal the feminine ancestral line – whilst being able to birth a completely new reality for myself, my family and my children.

My two beautiful children were born at a turning point in time between 2009 and 2012 as our planet completed its ascension from the 3rd to the 5th dimension.  They are, in essence, my greatest teachers, and supporting them along their own journey of self-discovery and embracing their many psychic gifts and talents is my greatest reward and challenge; guiding them through their feelings, and perceiving the world as they grow in self-worth and confidence to understand their journey into the new Golden Age.

As a grid channeller, I have always felt drawn to scared sites. Over the years, I have visited countless high vibrational and majestic sites across Europe, where I get to clear and connect to grid points through the electromagnetic field whilst running the Transference Healing frequencies. Meditating or praying at sacred sites on my own or with others that share the same passion and connection to nature, uplifts me and I feel complete and purposeful.

In 2015, I was called to relocate back to France with my family. I now live in Chamonix at the foot of Mont Blanc surrounded by incredible beauty, power, strength and the majesty of the Alps. My undeniable connection to the mountains and element of water, the grid line between Switzerland and Lake Geneva supports my high frequency work with the divine to channel ancient wisdom, codes and symbols throughout the course of the seasons and solstices.

As a spiritual teacher, practitioner and guide, I support my clients in their awakening process and reconnection to the divine. As their psychic gifts and talents unfold, my role is to create a safe and supportive space where my clients are held in the light as they purify and refine their energy bodies and strengthen their own connection to the divine.

By working more with the lightbody, we become empowered and clear embedded distortions from the central nervous system and consciousness and woundings in the blueprint. This purification across all planes enables the body to crystallise more light and open us up to new ways of being.  As a channel I’m able to simplify complex terms to better support my clients’ understanding as they learn to use their gifts in practical ways to improve their lives. I’m very aware that my role here and now is to provide a bridge between the English and French spoken world of spirituality.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Love and light



T:  +353 87 247 1477



Other Registered Healers

The following Transference Healing Graduates have completed our Fundamental and Advanced Level Trainings, and are currently, Certified Transference Healing Practitioners.  They are available for one-on-one or absentee Transference Healing sessions. 

  • Annika Moreau.
  • Ramona Bousquet.