Transference Healing® is rapidly establishing itself on a global level, with Registered Healers and Teachers practicing in different locations around the world.  To find a Registered Healer or Teacher in your area, click on the link for your country.  If there are no Registered Healers in your area, you may choose any practitioner and instead receive an absentee healing.

Each location lists Certified Teachers, detailing their name, location and a link to their personal profile where available. The icons at the bottom of each Teacher profile details the Transference Healing qualifications they have achieved. HOVER on the icons to discover more about their corresponding qualifications.

Our directory of Certified Teachers is then followed by a list of Registered Healers in your area.

All the Teachers and Healers listed here have completed their certification and have chosen to work on a professional level. All those listed on this website have the capacity to support you in receiving a Transference Healing session, or provide you with the Fundamental training necessary to enter into the Diamond Pyramid of Light™.

Registered Healers and Teachers on this website have attended training revisions with Alexis Cartwright every two years. This re-sit policy ensures that all practitioners/teachers endorsed on our website are not only running Transference Healing correctly, but are also working on their own ascension process.

There are a vast number of Graduates who are certified Transference Healing Healers and Teachers but are not listed on our website. For your peace of mind, when choosing a Transference Healing practitioner or teacher always ensure they are appropriately certified.

The energetic contributions to both Earth and humanity that are attributed to our graduates, whether they are running the energy professionally or not, cannot be underestimated. We thank them for the support they provide simply by being committed to their own spiritual growth.

Transference Healing has set a price guideline for its Registered Healers to operate within.  Every Registered Healer has the flexibility to choose their fees (within the price range relevant to their certifications) in consideration of their skills, experience and environment.  Find out more GO to our PRICES page.


I was led to Transference Healing seven years ago, which has enabled me to connect and embody my spiritual powers. Transference Healing offers a profound healing energy and through it my life has been transformed. I rediscovered the teachings of the Goddess, the Feminine Principle, self-empowerment, ascension, self-healing and spiritual growth.

As a Registered Transference Healing Practitioner and Teacher, I am available for One-on-One Sessions and Absentee Healings and workshops.





At 11 years old the vicar at my local church declared that we are all sinners.  I said to myself, “How can that be, I am only a child?”.  Thus began my quest for the true meaning of spirituality. I felt I had to find the truth within myself, which cannot be taught; only experienced deep within. Our teachers are there to facilitate an awakening to Spirit and our own true selves.

My life has been a journey of self discovery as I searched for my own faith. I travelled the world, worked in the corporate arena and practised Reiki. Never could I pass the opportunity to visit a temple, a church, offer a prayer, or sit in meditation in a sacred place.

For many years I was with my Spiritual Master Gurumayi Chivilasanada who taught me that ‘God dwells within you as you’ and that we were to honour our own divinity within. These teachings resonated deep inside of me and entered my heart.

Always I felt there were ‘secrets’ that others knew and I wanted to discover. There was a yearning within that led me to Transference Healing seven years ago on Mount Tambourine, Australia, which has enabled me to connect and embody my spiritual powers. Suddenly I felt I had come home, as if I had experienced the teachings before in another lifetime. Transference Healing offered a profound energy through the healings, and I felt a connection with Spirit or the God within again.

Through Transference Healing I have rediscovered the teachings of the Goddess, the Feminine Principle and so much more. It has been an amazing journey. My life is transformed.

It is magical, it is mystical and it is a reconnection to the Divine at this profound time of change and rebirth on the planet. As the Earth enters into the Fifth dimension we are all being pushed to energetically surrender and ascend, to become who we truly are once again.

I have been honoured to be able to attend three Mystery Schools with Alexis, held at sacred locations around the world. Each opened me up via initiations, purifications and practices to the ancient knowledge of the Mystery Schools of the past. Transference Healing offers self-empowerment, ascension, self-healing and spiritual growth through a variety of spiritual tools. It is universal and a unification of all faiths, religions and teachings.

I have recently moved to the south of Spain from where I will be offering meditation classes, healings and workshops. Healings can be performed either face to face or in absentee. Absent healings are just as powerful, as a healing in person.  Please contact me on the details below to make a booking.



M:   +44 7568 502408     UK

M:  +34 622045488         SPAIN



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