Queen Square Bath BA1 2HH United Kingdom

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23 May 2018 - 24 May 2018


10:00 AM - 06:00 PM


$2,900 (AUD)

Advanced Level Training – 2 Days

Are you ready to anchor cosmic frequencies and feel divine synchronicity and guidance in your everyday life? Do you want to know about your evolving DNA and how you can interact with Higher Realms through your lightbody? Are you being impacts by higher initiations and the shifts occurring on our planet?

If so, it may be time for you to step into the Transference Healing Advanced Level Training. This two-day training initiates a radical and rapid purification process. Through it, you come identify and integrate higher initiations that resonate through from the Creative Principle. This is a profound opportunity to work with ancient Mystery School teachings, while also anchoring and integrating you higher, Future Self. Change and transformation take place on the cellular level of your anatomy as you integrate sixth dimensional frequencies and work with your divine Christbody.

This is what the Advanced Level Training is all about; lightbody technology and the embodiment of a new reality that is in alignment with your soul self. Working with the energy and teachings of Ascended Master Metatron and Melchizedek – integrated with Enochian technology – this training will initiate a new way of being. Throughout this two-day training you are supported to master the embodiment of your Higher Self, while co-creating a reality that is of the next Golden Age.

In this training you will learn to work with the 22-strand DNA system, the central nervous system and the electromagnetic body. This will support you to integrate with your lightbody system so your body and consciousness can preventively care against the manifestation of lightbody symptoms. When you integrate with your lightbody you enter a state of greater ease and creativity, becoming a beacon of light that supports shifts in global consciousness.

Upon completion of this training you will have the knowledge, confidence and energetic means to run a full Transference Healing session. Advanced Level Graduates also achieve the certification to be of service to humanity as a registered Transference Healing Practitioner, and are therefore empowered to charge for Transference Healing sessions if inspired to do so.


To step into the Advanced Level Training you must first complete the Fundamental Training.  To resit this training, the cost is $1,000 (AUD). If you would like to book a resit to this training, please contact us directly at


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