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12 Jul 2019 - 01 Aug 2019


10:00 AM - 06:00 PM




Mystery School Level 1 offers you a sacred opportunity to become more empowered while understanding the nature and responsibility of power. Its aim is to help you master the healing powers of alchemy while performing meditations, practices and procedures that help you understand the energetic make-up and spiritual technology of the body. This profound Mystery School enhances your own healing and ascension abilities.

For Mystery School Level 1 you are suspended in a sacred space for over three weeks. During this time you will participate in channellings, meditations, empowerment rituals, healing practices and deeply sacred initiations that offer profound transformation and growth. Facilitated by Alexis Cartwright, in this space you are nurtured to unlock the spiritual gifts and talents that are your divine birthright.

You will learn new procedures that create a more powerful etheric/healing impact on the body, while also working more extensively (and effectively) with the DNA, electromagnetic field and lightbody. You will also be taught gridding and templating techniques that provide powerful spiritual practices for you to perform when you return home. Participants of the Transference Healing Mystery School will not only come to understand the technologies and teachings held within Transference Healing, but will also enhance, develop and experience a connection to the mysteries.

At this Mystery School you will:

  • Learn how to effectively filter the elements into your body, so divine healing and Kabbalistic ascension can begin.
  • Work on a more in-depth level with the lightbody and Merkabah system, enabling you to enter into the hidden elemental and cosmic realms that support your physical existence and ascension.
  • Learn procedures and practices to develop your psychic senses and support your own connection to the Akashic Records, so you can begin retrieving unlimited and universal information.
  • Experience trance meditations and initiation practices that support your ability to enter into specific dimensions and grid locations, enabling you to access sacred information.

At Mystery School Level 1 you will be taught procedures that unite you with your divine path and soul purpose, restoring self-worth and empowering you to live your multidimensional self. Through this, you are supported to become a master healer, ascension facilitator and spiritual teacher at this vital time of rebirth. This is the true purpose of the Transference Healing Mystery School: to empower you to be a healing light for evolution, change and expansion within your family, your community, and all of humanity.

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