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01 Nov 2018 - 20 Nov 2018


10:00 AM - 06:00 PM




Mystery School Level 3 is very ‘holy’. During this level you will explore the extraordinarily pure Angelic Realms, as well as the divine gifts and consciousness held by specific Ascended Masters. This Mystery School level connects you to your spiritual self as a co-creative force and consciousness of the Divine. It is extremely empowering.

Level 3 begins with a six-day gridding tour of some very powerful grid locations in Italy. You will visit Rome, Assisi, Sienna and Padua, before completing the last two weeks of the teachings in Florence. Specific gridding procedures and practices will be facilitated at each location to support the embodiment of your Christ Self. The tour prepares you for the teachings that follow by connecting you to the sacred lineages of the Ascended Masters and developing your own, unique connection to the Holy Spirit.

At this level you will explore the complex technology of the throat chakra. This chakra is the gateway through which you access higher consciousness, delegating its embodiment within your everyday reality. As you open it, you master the creative art of ‘manifestation’ and anchor a reality that is connected to your receptive consciousness. In this space you are connected to the divine creative force the WORD to open profound levels of awareness.

You will also enter the realms of the Ascended Masters that hold the lineage and teachings of the Mystical Rose. You will receive channelled information, practices, initiations and procedures that connect you to specific Ascended Masters, revealing the true teachings of the Grail. You will also explore the Angelic Realm to connect to their extraordinary power and purity. When you connect to these beings, a profound change occurs in your being. You are templated with the technology for supreme evolutionary oneness.

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