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24 Oct 2017


04:00 PM - 06:00 PM




Located in northern California, Mt. Shasta is a double peaked extinct volcano. It is the largest volcanic peak in the United States. Numerous legends and psychic messages speak of the significance of Mt. Shasta as a place of powerful earth energies. Some of the oldest legends tell of a tribe of dwarf-like people who are believed to live within the mountain on an etheric, fifth dimensional plane, and who are the descendants of Lemuria.

Many visionary seers say that Mt Shasta resonates the “zero-point energy” or cohesive undercurrent vibration of the planet. This means that the vibration of its internal structure transforms the outer structure or world. As we ascend, Mt Shasta holds the power of awakening.  Encounters with Ascended Masters, (such as Saint Germain), and Lemurian, cosmic and elemental beings are common doorway experiences that occur when on the slopes of this mountain.

Many years ago, at a Transference Healing training I facilitated at Mt Shasta, I had a series of doorway experiences that connected me to the galactic High Council of Lord Melchizedek. Through my third eye, I accessed doorway experiences that imprinted me with sacred knowledge pertaining to the past and future of our evolution. I foresaw that these beings and their realms were encoding our grid with light. I also saw that these being would support the Transference Healing energy in the future, dispersing it into different locations to participate in the Earth’s ascension. For this mass healing – through guided meditation – I will support you to encounter one of these doorway experiences with the Galactic High Council.

This location disperses into the grid the codes and technology necessary for the awakening of the of the third eye chakra within humanity. This mass healing event will support the complex system of your eyes and brain. You will integrate light for interdimensional experiences into parallel realities, supported by guides and masters on a higher plane. This will support the awakening and embodiment of your Higher Self as you transcend through the fifth dimensional reality. On this night you will integrate the frequencies necessary for your future anchoring of Diamond Consciousness through the support of the casual and stellar chakras.


Attendance is on an absentee basis only.  Each participant is called in etherically, by name and location. A visual presentation and audio recording of the mass healing will be emailed to all participants within the seven days following the event.


As a remote participant you can choose to be as consciously involved in the event as you like, at whatever level of consciousness you are comfortable with. You can choose to find a quiet place to sit and meditate at the time of the event, regardless of the location. Alternatively you can go about your day as usual. Whichever way you choose to participate, you will receive the energy and be impacted by it in the same way as you would if you were on location. You may consciously feel altered or affected during the event or you may not; everyone experiences it differently.

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