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07 Nov 2017


04:00 PM - 06:00 PM




For this mass healing event you will work with the crown chakra (and its relationship with the Earth Star chakra) by connecting to the grid locations of Aoraki and the Tibetan mountain ranges. It is through the crown chakra that your highest potential comes into form, for the elevation of consciousness and being. The crown chakra holds the technology of the Christ Self within the evolving body and consciousness as you ascend within this dimension.


Tibet is often called “the roof of the world”, comprising of table-lands averaging over 4,950 metres above sea levels. Its mountain ranges have peaks at 6,000 to 7,500 metres, including the famous Mount Everest, which borders Nepal.

Buddhists call it ‘the precious jewel snow peak’ and believe its inner radiance encourages insight, contemplation and the ability to gaze into other dimensions. It is considered a sacred place to many religious traditions, including Bön, Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism.

According to Hinduism, Lord Shiva, the Destroyer of evil, resides at the summit of a legendary mountain named Kailāsa, which is supposed to have existed in this region. According to this tradition, he sits here in a state of perpetual meditation, alongside his wife, Pārvatī. He is the Lord of yoga and the divine master of Tantra. One description of the mountain states that its four faces are made of crystal, ruby, gold, and lapis lazuli. It is a pillar of the world, and is located at the heart of six mountain ranges symbolising a lotus. In Jainism, the mountain next to Mt. Kailash is the site where the first Jain Tirthankara attained nirvana (liberation). Tantric Buddhists believe that Mount Kailash is the home of the Buddha Demchok who represents supreme bliss. The Bön, a religion native to Tibet, maintain that the entire mystical region and the nine-story Swastika Mountain are the seat of all spiritual power.

This mountain is where Shambhala resides (on a higher plane). A Sanskrit word meaning “place of peace” or “place of silence”, Shambhala is a mythical paradise spoken of in texts predating Tibetan Buddhism in western Tibet. According to legend, it is a land where only the pure of heart can live, a place where love and wisdom reigns, and where people are immune to suffering, want or aging. It is also a place where gurus and masters reside. One who is awakened to a state of purified consciousness and being can experience interdimensional entry to this place. One who is on the path for the spiritual attainment of the Christ Self can enter this world of higher learning.

This location also orchestrates a vortex of energies that support the opening and awakening of the crown chakra within humanity, elevating the body and consciousness into the purified elements and light. This supports the embodiment of higher and divine aspects of self while in incarnation. On this night, you will have a doorway experience into Shambhala to explore its magic, healing and spiritual radiance while in meditation.


Aoraki or Mount Cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand. It is home to many glaciers, and is surrounded by the beautiful alpine of the South Island.

According to Māori legend, Aoraki was a young boy who, along with his three brothers, was the son of the Sky Father. On their voyage around the Earth Mother, their canoe became stranded on a reef. Aoraki and his brothers climbed onto the top side of their canoe, but were frozen by the wind and turned into stone. Their canoe became the South Island, while Aoraki, the tallest, became the highest peak. His frozen brothers created the Southern Alps.

To the native peoples, Aoraki is the most sacred of ancestors, from whom the Ngāi Tahu descend. It provides this tribe with its sense of communal identity, solidarity and purpose. The ancestor embodied in the mountain remains the physical manifestation of Aoraki, the link between the spiritual and the natural world. Aoraki and the mountain hold power over life and death.

On this night, we will connect to this grid location to embrace the union of your physical and spirit self through the healing of the crown chakra. Through this grid location you will crystallise higher elements into the body, encouraging divine healing to take place. It is the crown chakra that anchors higher crystallised elements into your etheric and physical body, not only for atomic healing, but also for the awakening of heightened states of consciousness.


Attendance is on an absentee basis only.  Each participant is called in etherically, by name and location. A visual presentation and audio recording of the mass healing will be emailed to all participants within the seven days following the event.


As a remote participant you can choose to be as consciously involved in the event as you like, at whatever level of consciousness you are comfortable with. You can choose to find a quiet place to sit and meditate at the time of the event, regardless of the location. Alternatively you can go about your day as usual. Whichever way you choose to participate, you will receive the energy and be impacted by it in the same way as you would if you were on location. You may consciously feel altered or affected during the event or you may not; everyone experiences it differently.

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