New Gridding Mats

Pentagram & Star of David Gridding Mats

We are excited to release the new Transference Healing Gridding Mats!

These Gridding Mats are available to purchase if you are particularly drawn to the gridding procedures within Transference Healing. The Star of David Gridding Mat was created for you to use with the Star of David Inititaion in your Fundamental Procedures. The Pentagram Gridding Mat can be used for the Stargate Grid, in the Beyond Doorways 2 teachings.

This new gridding mats are available for all future purchases at $250 AUD each. They each feature the new Transference Healing logo and font. Not sold wholesale. No minimum quantity required. Not for retail sale.

They can be purchased using this online order form or by contacting our team at

Love and Light


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Update on Online Workshops

Update on Online Workshops

We know many of you have been waiting patiently for the release of our one-day workshops for online attendance. Due to forces out of our control, this release has been delayed.

We wish to assure you that we are still consistently working on this project and expect you will receive this opportunity by year-end. Fortunately, the delays we have experienced with the videographers working on the project has allowed us to make consistent upgrades to the workshop materials, manuals and templates. Once released, everything will have a fresh new look and format!

To be released

If you are a new Transference Healing Teacher, and you are not quite sure what we are talking about, here’s what you can expect.

We offer a range of one-day workshops that support you to learn some of the self-healing procedures that are the foundation of Transference Healing. Each of these workshops work in tandem with Alexis’s publications: Beyond Doorways – The Mysteries Revealed, the Animal Magic Divination Cards, Child of Light Meditations & Affirmations, and the Healing with Alchemy Set. Sitting these workshops offers you the opportunity to provide shorter and more focused healing sessions and workshops that are a great

These workshops will soon be available online, with Alexis, however if you wish to sit these workshops in-person, please visit our Healers page to find a teacher near you. They can be attended by anyone who wishes to learn Transference Healing

These workshops include:

  • Beyond Doorways 1 – perform a Beyond Doorways 1 Session.
  • Beyond Doorways 2 – perform a full Beyond Doorways Session.
  • Animal Magic – perform Circle of Fire Session and Animal Magic Reading.
  • Child of Light – for practice on friends and family.
  • Alchemy (3 hours) – for practice on friends and family.

Upgraded Fundamental, Advanced & Teacher Manuals

Upgraded Fundamental, Advanced & Teacher Manuals

New training materials are now available for the Fundamental and Teacher Trainings, and we must admit, we simply love them! Please be assured that while we are beginning to share new materials with our Teachers, you are not expected to purchase these manuals. We simply wish to keep you informed.

Fundamental Training

For the Fundamental Training, the training manual and the templates have been upgraded. This includes changes to the logo, font and colours. All new students (training with either you or Alexis), will now receive these upgraded materials. The content of the manual has not changed. As there are no changes to the procedures or page numbers, you can continue teaching the Fundamental Training without this updated manual.

The Lightbody Kit Essence chart has also been upgraded, and we are gradually working through the labels for the essences. For now, the certificate and Lightbody Kit book remain the same.

Advanced Training

For the Adavanced Manual, the training manual has been upated. This includes changes to the logo, font and colours. All new students (training with either you or Alexis), will now receive these upgraded materials. The content of the manual has not changed, though some page numbers have.

Those who sit this training with Alexis will now receive an additional document or Addendum. This Addendum includes the following details:

  • 5.0 Policies & Standards for Practitioners
    • Practitioner & Teacher Eligibility
    • Qualification Policies
    • Re-Sit Policy
    • Advertising & Branding
    • Important Marketing Policies
  • 6.0 Additional Healing Sessions
    • Beyond Doorways Sessions
    • Animal Magic Reading
    • Circle of Fire Session
  • 7.0 Working with Clients
    • How to run a Transference Healing Session
    • Absentee Healing Sessions
    • Some Advice for the Developing Healer

Teacher Training

For the Teacher Training Manual, the logo, font and colours have all been changed. The content of the manual was edited in early 2021, which was carried over to the new design. We highly recommend that you consider purchasing this new manual if you sat the Teacher Training before 2021 and are an active teacher (this excludes those Teachers who have since purchased the revised manual).

Along with the new design, the Teacher Manual was updated in early 2021 with the following changes:

  • Language is clearer and easier to read.
  • Content has been updated to be more current.
  • The policies and principles of Transference Healing have been updated, and some of the additional inclusions received with the Teacher Training have been consolidated within the manual itself.
  • The Training Preparation Check-list has been expanded.
  • The 3-day Fundamental Training Schedule has replaced the 4-day schedule in the manual.
  • The Procedure Summaries have been updated.
  • The Ergonomics segment has been expanded to include key points on how a student should be taught to run a Transference Healing session.
  • The Additional Healing Sessions have been updated to reflect our current policies and offer up-to-date guidance.
  • Promotional text has also been updated and the Animal Magic Reading has been added.
  • The process for Group Healing Sessions (formerly Mass Healings) has been changed.
  • The Additional Graduate Workshops have been updated for clarity.

Teacher Manual Inclusions

The Teacher manual has three additional inclusions (these are the printed documents that were located at the back of your manual when you received it):

  • International Price Standard (Teacher Graduates).
  • The Website Specification document.
  • The Festival Guidance document.

Updates for these inclusions are now available for download on the Policies page of the Graduate Gateway, along with an updated Essence Order Form, Three-Day Fundamental Training Schedule and Transformation Record Sheet. There have also been noteworthy changes to the International Price Standard.

Travel Manual

Finally, the Travel Manual has been upated. This includes changes to the logo, font, colours and templates.  The content of the manual has not changed, though the page numbers have.

More to Come

Rebranding is a huge undertaking and one that will occur in stages. Unless mentioned here, the remaining materials for the Fundamental, Advanced and Teacher Trainings remain unchanged. This includes the Lightbody Kit book. Upgraded manuals and templates for the 1-day workshops are in the works. You will see an announcement on this dashboard when they are released.

Purchase Upgraded Materials

If you would like to purchase any of these new materials for your own use, please use this online order form.

Mystery School update

Mystery School update

After a lengthy postponement caused by the travel restrictions of the last few years, Alexis and I are delighted to announce that the final sequence of the Mystery School has commenced!

This is the beginning of the final Transference Healing Mystery School. Sharing the energy and teachings of the Mystery School has always been one of Alexis’s greatest joys, spiritually and personally. She will continue to teach and hold a space for Transference Healing and its clients, teachers and Mystery School Graduates, but the time has come for her to begin working in a new way.

Mystery School content will be made available to future Teacher graduates in some form. All in-person Mystery Schools are being recorded, for future participants. Though the Mystery School content will be made available in the coming years, the current Mystery School format of being on location at an overseas destination with Alexis for a three week period will be discontinuing after this last cycle.

The final in-person Mystery School 1 took place in November 2022. Online attendance will open in 2025.

We wish to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has patiently waited for its recommencement. We hope to connect with many of you for what I am sure will be a profound end to the Transference Healing Mystery School.

Here’s what you may wish to know about the final cycle.

Mystery School 1

MS1 took place 8-22November 2022, in Ireland and online. Ireland has such a beautiful, Lemurian vibration and we were thrilled to template the Mystery School 1 frequencies on this grid, for its final occurrence in its current form.

Mystery School 2

MS2 took place 15 April to 5 May 2023. We are thrilled to be returning to the heart-based frequencies of MS2 in Cyprus, not to mention the Mediterranean air!

Mystery School 2 was open for in-person attendance only.

Mystery School 3

MS3 is projected to occur 12 November – 2 December 2023, in Italy and online.

You can learn more about Mystery School 3 here.

Mystery School 4

MS4 is projected to occur in April-May 2024, in France and online. It has not been formally scheduled, but you can expect that we will announce dates and locations 8 – 10 months prior.

You can learn more about Mystery School 4 here.

Mystery School 5

MS5 and the Advanced Teacher Training is projected to occur in 2024, 2026 & 2027 (three sequences), in Australia.

All sequences are fully booked and we are no longer taking waitlist bookings for MS5. We are, however, accepting expressions of interest (no deposit required). If you are interested in attending, please submit the booking form and we will notify you if a place becomes available.

You can learn more about Mystery School 5 here.

I am just so happy to share this update with you, and I look forward to connecting with you over the coming years.

Love and Light


New Teacher logos

New Teacher logos

New Practitioner & Teacher logos are now available to our Teacher Graduates. Please be assured that while we are beginning to share new materials & design elements with our Teachers, you are not expected to make immediate changes across your own website, promotional materials, manuals and so on.
All Teachers can use these logos on their website, email signatures and promotional materials. By downloading any of these logos, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

  • The logo can only be used in instances where you are promoting Transference Healing only. If you wish to promote other products or services, please don’t use this logo.
  • The logo is not to be altered in any way.

Two logo designs have been created for you: ‘simple’ & ‘detailed’. Each design has been offered in the following colour combinations:

  1. Purple transparent logo (to be used on light-coloured backgrounds).
  2. White transparent logo (to be used on dark-coloured backgrounds).
  3. Grayscale transparent logo (for black & white printing).

To view and download these logos, please visit the Advertising page of the Graduate Gateway.

Love and Light


Beyond Doorways 1 materials

Beyond Doorways 1 materials

We would like to announce that the Beyond Doorways 1 Workshop will no longer include a clear quartz vogel.
Over the last few years, it has become increasingly difficult to source quality crystals wands, especially at a reasonable price. We have made the decision to no longer include this tool in the Beyond Doorways Workshop Kit, which will still come with the manual, templates and Beyond Doorways Essence Kit.

This will not change the frequency of the workshop and its procedures. The manual will still refer to the optional use of a vogel wand, where indicated, just as is the case for the Stargate Grid in the Beyond Doorways 2 Workshop.

Love and Light

New Price Standard

New Teacher Pricing Standard

From the 1st of February 2022, we will no longer provide the RRP for Transference Healing products in foreign currencies. Instead, our international Teachers are advised to make their own conversions to local currency. All teachers (whether Australian or international) are recommended to sell their products at the equal price, or up to 25% more.

Our thresholds for minimum spend and discounted purchases has also changed. Of note, discounted purchases are determined by the wholesale value of your order, rather than the retail value. For healing services, additional currencies have been added and others removed (though these are always kept in our records, should you require access to these unincluded currencies). Other minor changes have also been made, so we encourage all active Teacher Graduates to review the updated Price Standard.

You can view and download the updated Teacher Price Standard on the Policies page of the Graduate Gateway.

New Transference Healing Brochures

New Transference Healing Brochures

We are excited to release the new Transference Healing brochure!

This new brochure is noticeably cleaner. It features images of Transference Healing tools and Teacher Graduates, along with succinct information that informs potential clients about what they can expect in a Transference Healing Session.

The copy includes answers to “What is Transference Healing?” and “What will I experience during a Transference Healing Session”. It also includes an “About Alexis” section, and some key sentences that capture the essence of Transference Healing. The back of the brochure provides a space for you to add your name and contact details, so clients know how to reach you. We recommend printing an adhesive label to apply to this section.

Graphically, it includes photography of Transference Healing Graduates, tools and products. The TH logo is featured on the front, and the back features the Master Christ, Crystal Cross and AUM symbols.

These brochures are intended to promote your Transference Healing sessions to potential clients. If you wish to advertise your teaching services, we recommend creating a DL flyer to insert into this brochure. Examples can be found on the Advertising page of the Graduate Gateway.

Brochures can be purchased in sets of 85, for the wholesale price of $55 AUD. They can be purchased by Transference Healing Practitioner & Teacher Graduates using this online order form or by contacting our team at

We are very excited about how this brochure represents the Transference Healing energy and frequency. We recommend keeping a few on you when you step out the door. The next person you meet could be ready to learn more, and their brochure are the perfect tool to easily share your services with potential clients and students.

Love and Light


New look, same frequency

New look, same frequency

We are very excited to release a new look and feel for Transference Healing.

The Transference Healing brand was created in 2006. Since then, I have solidified the foundational teachings and trainings of Transference Healing, anchored all five levels of the Mystery School, attuned to sacred land and, finally, started writing Revelations.

Like all matter and light, the TH energy has evolved over these past fifteen years. I am so excited to complete the creative process that will align our look and feel with Transference Healing as it is now.

While the visual identity of Transference Healing has changed, rest assured the energy and frequency remains the same. It will remain the same lineage of spiritual teachings, dedicated to global unity, healing, mastership and ascension.

The roll out of these changes will not been instantaneous. Please be assured that while we have made new design elements available to our teachers, you are not expected to make immediate changes across your own website, promotional materials, manuals and so on. Rebrands take time, and we will keep you informed of all the materials, opportunities and procedures that will affect you as this process evolves.

Ultimately, this transformation will mean that the Transference Healing brand will better reflect the frequency as it is today, which we know will be a huge benefit to our teachers. In addition to this, the upgrade to the website will involve professional management, increasing traffic, and in turn, client and student opportunities for you!

This is a very exciting time for Transference Healing and I hope you can feel the benefit of this creative energy!

Love and Light