Do you want to experience the healing frequencies of Transference Healing from the comfort of your own home? 


Would you like to learn about the changes your body and reality is experiencing at this time on the planet? 


Are you ready to support your self-healing journey?


If so, the Transference Healing Mass Healings with Alexis Cartwright are the perfect place to start. Running since 2009, these online events offer you the invaluable opportunity to hear up-to-date channellings by Alexis Cartwright from anywhere in the world.  Each event gives you access to two hours of audio and visual content on specific teachings Alexis is guided to share.  These popular events also feature meditations and lightbody activations that create alchemical change in your body, making each event a unique and profound healing experience.

Alexis holds Mass Healings when she is guided by Spirit. Their content is often so complex that she will release Mass Healings as a series, separated into anywhere from 4 to 14 parts, occurring approximately two to four weeks apart. Each Mass Healing in a series will focus on a specific topic. Though many participants book into a whole series at once, you are welcome to choose which dates you want to attend. If you miss Part 1 of a Mass Healing Series, you are perfectly welcome to join Alexis for part 2!

Mass Healings are often facilitated in Sydney, Australia, though they sometimes occur at different locations around the world when Alexis is facilitating Mystery Schools or trainings. The channellings that come through infuse cosmic energies from the universe into the Earth’s grid, energetically supporting the Earth, as well as providing as space for everyone in attendance to learn, heal and awaken in body and consciousness.

Everyone that participates in a mass healing with Alexis is energetically called in – by name and location – before she begins. In this way you are energetically present to receive the healing energies.  While you are energetically present for the Mass Healings, we do not air it live.  A visual presentation and audio recording will be emailed to you within seven days following the scheduled date of each event.  The recording typically runs for approximately two hours and is made available for you to download to your computer, phone or stream online.

You are free to consciously participate in the mass healing as much as you like. You can create a sacred space and go into the meditation for the mass healing. Alternatively, you can go about your daily business as usual. Whichever way you choose to participate, you will receive the energy of the mass healing as it occurs.


To make your booking for Alexis’ next Mass Healing, click on the button below.

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