2023 & 2025 ( DATES TO BE CONFIRMED)


Mystery School Level 4 centres on deep purification. Purification rituals are a lineage of Earth teachings, specifically created, as a doorway to ascension. This doorway releases you from the painful restraints of karma, matter and the lower worlds, so you may ascend into a higher and more divine reality. There are many levels, rituals and practices to master in order to purify, all of which are explored at this level of the Mystery School.

Mystery School Level 4 begins with a six-day gridding tour of some very powerful grid locations in France. You will visit Paris, Orleans, Le-Puy-en-Velay and Rocamadour, before completing the last two weeks of the teachings in Lyon. Specific gridding procedures and practices will be facilitated at each location to support the embodiment of your Christ Self.  This tour prepares you for the teachings to follow by connecting you to the sacred lineages of the Black Madonna and the Holy Spirit, bringing about deep purification.

Since the time of Lemuria, many Ascended Masters have incarnated on Earth to hold this purification lineage, showing the way for others to ascend through rituals and healing.  Of these Ascended Masters, St. John the Baptist – who first incarnated as the Green Man at the early time of Lemuria – has been the foremost vessel for mastership and ascension through purification.  Mother Mary, also incarnated at different times to be a lineage holder for the rites of passage necessary to receive divine purification. These teachings will be shared at this level of the Mystery School, so you can understand the hidden nature of the Holy Spirit and the essence of Christ Consciousness.

This level of the Mystery School delves into the esoteric teachings of alchemy for deep cellular healing and enlightenment.  By working with the esoteric teachings of the Kabbalah and the Egyptian mysteries – while also accessing the hidden technology of the third eye – you will come to see the true power held within the elements and our world.  This creates change and transformation at a core level.  It is true magic.


The sacred practices and teachings of Mystery School Level 4 include:

  • The Egyptian Book of the Dead: Connect to Isis, Ra and Thoth to understand the evolutionary process on a much more embodied level.  Draw upon the sacred powers of the WORD.
  • The Sixth Plane of Alchemical Healing:  Work with the third eye for profound psychic and spiritual opening.
  • Merkaba:  Delve more deeply into the technology of the Merkaba for lightbody travel and resurrection.
  • Morgan le Fay:  Connect to her hidden lineage to understand the true teachings of Merlin and the Druidic Order.
  • Alchemy:  Delve into the esoteric teachings of alchemy for deep cellular healing and enlightenment.
  • Gnosticism:  Understand the Christian mysteries of St John, the Baptist and the Christ.
  • Black Madonna lineage:  Work with this lineage of teachings to anchor the Divine Feminine into your being.  Connect to Mary Magdalene’s guidance and wisdom, especially as it relates to the Kundalini.
  • Mother Mary:  Learn the profound purification rituals held by Mother Mary and come to know the mysteries of the Holy Spirit.


While in France you will be standing on sacred land upon, which Mary Magdalene once walked.  It is the home of the Black Madonna lineage.  There are more, than 500 of her statues that adorn this country and represent the way of an ancient and hidden culture, which embraced the Feminine Principle, as divine wisdom; the Queen of Heaven or Mother Sophia.  Her presence in France will reconnect you to this ancient lineage for the attainment of the gifts of enlightenment.  Accessible through the teachings of the Christian mysteries, this lineage holds the ability to awaken pure spiritual powers.  These powers were once embraced throughout the ancient holy lands by divine vessels of the Goddess.

The gothic temples, we will visit in France are holy sanctuaries in which the essence and heart of the Sacred Feminine are held.  These temples represent the true essence of the Feminine Principle, hidden within Christianity. They were built on sacred Celtic and pre-Celtic Pagan land and were once places of worship to the Divine Feminine. France supports you to learn sacred teachings and practices that will reconnect you to the Divine Feminine. You will learn of the hidden and divine teachings of the Holy Spirit, and thereby, reconnect to this ancient path of spiritual purification and awakening. Through this, you are opened to become a vessel for both personal and collective healing, and spiritual enlightenment.  All of this will be supported by France’s grid, spiritual history and the energy of its land.


There are two specific requirements for entry into Mystery School Level 4, which are listed below.  If you meet these two requirements you may book into the Mystery School, after which time you will receive the portfolio.


  1. You must have completed Mystery School Levels 1, 2 and 3.
  2. You must be actively participating in the spiritual practices outlined for you in Mystery School Level 3, including the gridding, alchemy and meditation practices.



The information contained within the Mystery School Portfolio is extremely sacred and confidential, and should honoured as such.

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