Our Chiron templates unify the geometric technology of a Mandala with the energetic properties of specific crystals, initiating a unique healing impact on your Chiron wounding.
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Astrological placements between 1905 and 2052

28/08/1937 to 23/11/1937
29/05/1938 to 30/09/1940
28/12/1940 to 16/06/1941
22/06/1988 to 21/07/1991
23/07/2038 to 08/01/2039
27/04/2039 to 28/08/2041
11/02/2042 to 16/05/2042

Chiron’s placement in your natal chart is a catalyst for profound healing. It reveals an opportunity to clear karmic restriction for long-term health and personal growth.

Each of these Chiron Templates corresponds with one of the twelve astrological signs of Chiron. They work with the geometric properties of the Flower of Life to template the technology of a Mandala. Combined with the energetic attributes of specific crystals that work with each individual sign, they create a healing impact unique to your Chiron wounding. These templates initiate a crystalline healing impact on your body and consciousness. They work for adults and children of all ages.

Detailed readings for each Chiron wounding are outlined in our book, Beyond Doorways: The Mysteries Revealed’.



On a universal level, Chiron in Cancer teaches us how to open the heart chakra and develop emotions on a soul level. It supports unity and love within the family unit, healing karmic pain and resolving relationships of conflict. It helps the heart chakra open on a deeper level so more evolved emotions can develop, including those of Forgiveness, Unconditional Love and Compassion.

Its influence releases the need for segregation, so relationships of all kind can develop in a nurturing and loving way. It develops the consciousness of the human heart so we can evolve and live in state of harmony, peace and higher consciousness.

Chiron in Cancer is also supporting our reconnection to the energy and teachings of the divine Feminine Principle, which is helping the consciousness of humanity to understand the theosophical or spiritual teachings of the Creative Principle. This is symbolically represented throughout history as the Goddess or Divine Mother. Chiron in Cancer is supporting our reconnection to the essence of Spirit and hope, both of which are essential for faith to be reborn in the heart and consciousness of the human spirit.

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