Our Chiron templates unify the geometric technology of a Mandala with the energetic properties of specific crystals, initiating a unique healing impact on your Chiron wounding.
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Astrological placements between 1905 and 2052

21/03/1910 to 29/08/1910
16/01/1911 to 31/03/1918
23/10/1918 to 28/01/1919
27/03/1960 to 19/08/1960
21/01/1961 to 01/04/1968
20/10/1968 to 30/01/1969
20/04/2010 to 20/07/2010
09/02/2011 to 17/04/2018
27/09/2018 to 18/02/2019

Chiron’s placement in your natal chart is a catalyst for profound healing. It reveals an opportunity to clear karmic restriction for long-term health and personal growth.

Each of these Chiron Templates corresponds with one of the twelve astrological signs of Chiron. They work with the geometric properties of the Flower of Life to template the technology of a Mandala. Combined with the energetic attributes of specific crystals that work with each individual sign, they create a healing impact unique to your Chiron wounding. These templates initiate a crystalline healing impact on your body and consciousness. They work for adults and children of all ages.

Detailed readings for each Chiron wounding are outlined in our book, Beyond Doorways: The Mysteries Revealed’.



On a universal level, Chiron in Pisces is calling us to go beyond the distractions of the ego and into the depths of the unknown. It supports us to find meaning by reaching states of consciousness that allow us to learn from the Universe and the mysteries hidden within us. This wisdom will awaken truth and establish a universal faith or belief system on Earth, uniting all religions, philosophies and teachings so the human spirit, body and consciousness can evolve and ascend into a higher vibration of love and light.

Chiron’s influence in Pisces creates a divine connection to the Universe, healing our disconnection from Spirit and each other. Through this we embrace unconditional love and awaken higher consciousness. This Chironic placement is also fundamental to the awakening of the Feminine Principle, so the nature of the psyche can be embraced within the heart and consciousness of humanity. It is through the psyche that the mind can retrieve the mysteries.

Its influence will enable us to make peace with all the great mysteries of life: God/Goddess, death, passion, altered states of consciousness, and the origin of the human experience. It will be instrumental in restoring faith so all the gifts of Spirit can come into manifestation. This includes our ability to create divine healing, utilise our mind to create change and transformation, to heal our past and genetics, and to recode the DNA so we can transition into a new and more illuminated state of being. Through the Chiron in Pisces influence, all of humanity will be reborn, a process necessary for us to evolve into Christ Consciousness as we make this transition into the New Age.

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