Our Chiron templates unify the geometric technology of a Mandala with the energetic properties of specific crystals, initiating a unique healing impact on your Chiron wounding.
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Astrological placements between 1905 and 2052

27/07/1943 to 18/11/1944
25/03/1945 to 22/07/1945
04/09/1993 to 09/09/1995
24/10/2043 to 10/02/2044
02/07/2044 to 24/10/2045

Chiron’s placement in your natal chart is a catalyst for profound healing. It reveals an opportunity to clear karmic restriction for long-term health and personal growth.

Each of these Chiron Templates corresponds with one of the twelve astrological signs of Chiron. They work with the geometric properties of the Flower of Life to template the technology of a Mandala. Combined with the energetic attributes of specific crystals that work with each individual sign, they create a healing impact unique to your Chiron wounding. These templates initiate a crystalline healing impact on your body and consciousness. They work for adults and children of all ages.

Detailed readings for each Chiron wounding are outlined in our book, Beyond Doorways: The Mysteries Revealed’.



On a universal level, Chiron in Virgo teaches us how to reconnect to the Goddess, and to our memory of being one with the essence, energy, wisdom, natural abundance and alchemical healing powers of Gaia. It supports natural healing abilities and anchors the sacred teachings of alchemy back onto the planet, as well as a deeper understanding of the Creative Principle. This Chironic placement also supports our connection to the Animal Kingdom and the sustainable use of the Earth’s resources. The Chiron in Virgo influence opens the unconditional heart of humanity.

Chiron in Virgo supports us to love and connect with the physical body, and to enjoy the stimulation of food and sex. It encourages us to feed the body through the Earth, stimulating cellular rejuvenation for overall wellness.

Most importantly, Chiron in Virgo changes the way we understand healing. It teaches us about the technology of the DNA, as well as the fields of medical science. It opens us up to our self-healing abilities by raising our awareness of alternative and spiritual healing modalities and practices. The study of healing is supported by Chiron in Virgo so the physical body can sustain long-term wellness.

Through healing we unite the mind, body and spirit, creating ascension.

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