Vogel wands are exemplary transmitters of energy. These powerful amplifiers are perfect tools for healing with frequency and energy.

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SIZE: 3cm x 7cm

Vogel wands are exemplary transmitters of energy. They are named after their creator, Marcel Vogel. While working for IBM, Vogel’s awareness opened to the powerful energetic effects of quartz crystals, and he began exploring their uses for healing.  He discovered that double terminated (two-pointed) wands cut at certain ratios, can transmit scientifically measureable energy. The vogel wand was born from his research.

Clear quartz is the most powerful crystal for use as a wand. It is a powerful amplifier of energy, working to restore a perfected state of balance. Clear Quartz is the ultimate lightbody crystal. Its geometry carries the codes to resonate divine light.  It purifies and revitalises all energy levels of the etheric body.  Clear Quartz channels higher frequencies and energies into the physical body creating a state of wellness.

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