Advanced Training

with Alexis Cartwright

Are you ready to anchor cosmic frequencies and feel divine synchronicity and guidance in your everyday life?  Do you want to know about your evolving DNA and how you can interact with Higher Realms through your lightbody?  Are you being impacted by higher initiations and the shifts occurring on our planet?

If so, it may be time for you to step into the Transference Healing Advanced Training. This two-day training initiates a radical and rapid purification process. Through it, you come identify and integrate higher initiations that resonate through from the Creative Principle. This is a profound opportunity to work with ancient Mystery School teachings, while also anchoring and integrating you higher, Future Self. Change and transformation take place on the cellular level of your anatomy as you integrate sixth dimensional frequencies and work with your divine Christbody.

This is what the Advanced Training is all about; lightbody technology and the embodiment of a new reality that is in alignment with your soul self. Working with the energy and teachings of Ascended Master Metatron and Melchizedek – integrated with Enochian technology – this training will initiate a new way of being. Throughout this two-day training you are supported to master the embodiment of your Higher Self, while co-creating a reality that is of the next Golden Age.

In this training you will learn to work with the 22-strand DNA system, the central nervous system and the electromagnetic body. This will support you to integrate with your lightbody system so your body and consciousness can preventively care against the manifestation of lightbody symptoms. When you integrate with your lightbody you enter a state of greater ease and creativity, becoming a beacon of light that supports shifts in global consciousness.

Transference Healing was channelled as a system to support divine self-healing and ascension. The key to this process is Fundamental and Advanced procedures. Upon completion of this training you will have the knowledge, confidence and energetic means to run a full Transference Healing session. Advanced Graduates also achieve the certification to be of service to humanity as a registered Transference Healing Practitioner, and are therefore empowered to charge for Transference Healing sessions if inspired to do so.

Graduates are encouraged to periodically re-sit the Advanced Training. Transference Healing frequencies are integrated slowly. As you heighten your frequency and expand your consciousness you will more finely attune to the frequency. Re-sitting the training supports this process.

To step into the Advanced Training you must first complete the Fundamental Training.  FIND OUT MORE >

Curious about becoming a Registered Healer?

If you are curious about taking the next step in your self-healing journey, we invite you to join Alexis at upcoming online training, live streamed and recorded for same-day access. Click on the button below to book now.

“Our Advanced Training brings Self-Empowerment and Service.”

Alexis Cartwright

Advanced Training Includes

During this two day workshop you will:


  • Learn how to work with the DNA and reweave new, purer strands of DNA.
  • Be initiated and learn channelled Mystery School teachings.
  • Learn more about the geometry of the five platonic solids and their crystal essences.
  • Learn about the lost teachings of the Great Central Moon.
  • Work with the Transference Healing Master Christ Templates to integrate and co-create the lightbody.
  • Learn more about Merkabah geometris technology.
  • Learn procedures and crystal technology to support the anchoring and integration process of the lightbody.
  • Learn procedures that enable you to preventatively care against lightbody symptoms as they begin to manifest.
  • Learn stellar grid procedures and about their corresponding gateway systems (Lyra, Arcturus, Sirius, Orion and Pleiades), for the integration of the lightbody and Diamond Consciousness.
  • Learn about the ascension process and our evolution into the Adam Kadmon body.

Bonus Inclusions

When you step into our Advanced Training you will receive the following inclusions:


  • Advanced Training Manual. 
  • Master Christ Template Set (valued at $505).
  • 5 x Platonic Solid vibrational essences.
  • Advanced Training certificate of completion.
  • Transference Healing website listing (name and contact details).
  • Certification to become a professional Transference Healing Practitioner.

Where to From Here?

If you choose to master more in the energy you may get a calling to step into the Teacher Training, which is the next level in the Diamond Pyramid of Light™. This training gives you the opportunity to understand the technology and frequencies of Transference Healing on a deeper level, as well as the ability to channel, hold and master these higher frequencies. You will ultimately be encoded to facilitate these higher teachings and procedures.

Enlightenment is not just a state of mind. It is a state of being.

Alexis Cartwright


Alexis Cartwright, as the channel, anchor and founder of Transference Healing®, is the only individual who has the lineage and codes to teach the Advanced Level and Teacher Trainings. Alexis facilitates this very complex and energetically profound service under the guidance of Lord Melchizedek.

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