Teacher Training

With Alexis Cartwright

Do you want to teach others to heal themselves? Is it time for you to actively participate in the awakening and empowerment of others? Are you a change-maker or lightworker, driven to be of service to humanity?

If so, it may be time for you to step into the Transference Healing Teacher Training. This one-day event is the next step in an empowerment process through the Transference Healing lineage. It holds the teachings that encourage your evolution from a healer and practitioner, into a spiritual teacher and ascension facilitator. This training is for leaders and visionaries who want to actively participate in the co-creation of a new Golden Age reality on Earth. It is also for awakened souls who no longer ascribe to the belief that one’s work must exist in a state of separation from their spiritual path, instead choosing to integrate the two for greater personal fulfilment.

Now is the time to utilise your gifts and talents to create your reality. You incarnated into this world with spiritual gifts stored within your genetic blueprint. Every step you take in your evolutionary process, throughout this life and past lives, is compelling you towards a state of personal and spiritual mastership. Transference Healing is a template or tool that supports this process. It facilitates transformation and growth, so you can evolve on a soul level, develop your sense of identity, become empowered, and – most importantly – embody this into your everyday reality. At this point you become a vessel for the healing, transformation and spiritual growth of others.

In this one-day training you will be initiated into a divine self-mastership process so you can be of service to others as a Transference Healing Teacher. You not only receive a comprehensive guide on how to teach the Fundamental Training (if you so choose), but you also participate in a clearing, alignment and initiation that will support you to hold a space for others – to be a guiding light for your loved ones and clients.

You don’t have to want to teach the Transference Healing Fundamental Training to gain value from this learning experience. Through it, your consciousness begins to evolve at a more rapid pace. You also begin anchoring higher aspects that open you up to your oversoul, the totality of your soul’s wisdom and experience. This is where the true embodiment of mastership takes place. Divine wisdom comes through, your psyche, intuition and sensory perception develops, and your intent aligns with your higher spiritual purpose. This is the ultimate purpose of Transference Healing; to empower you to self-heal, and to support all evolving souls on this planet to become active participants in the co-creation of a higher reality and world.

Upon completion of this training, you will be certified as a Transference Healing® Teacher, choosing to continue your self-mastery journey by stepping into a leadership role. Teacher Certification empowers you to facilitate the three-day Fundamental Training.

Those in Australia who wish to complete the Transference Healing Teacher Training will be required to sign a government protected Franchise Agreement before they begin practising as a certified Teacher. This agreement does not incur an additional charge.

Upon completion of the Teacher Training, Graduates are also eligible to attain Teacher certification for the Beyond Doorways (Level 1 and Level 2)Animal MagicAlchemy and Child of Light Workshops. Certification to facilitate these smaller workshops does require additional training.

To step into the Teacher Training you must first complete the Fundamental and Advanced Trainings

Graduates are encouraged to periodically re-sit the Teacher Training. Transference Healing frequencies are integrated slowly. As you evolve through it, your awareness deepens and you more effectively absorb its hidden alchemy. Over time, you awaken more to the sacred teachings of the universe. Re-sitting the training supports this process.

Are you ready to teach others to heal?

Are you ready to empower others in their self-healing journey? If you are, then we invite you to join Alexis at her upcoming online training, live streamed and recorded for same-day access.

“Our Teacher Training brings Leadership and Self-Mastery.”

Alexis Cartwright


Alexis Cartwright, as the channel, anchor and founder of Transference Healing®, is the only individual who facilitates the Teacher Training. Alexis facilitates this very complex and energetically profound service under the guidance of Lord Melchizedek.

You Will Learn

During this one-day training you will:


  • Be initiated, templated and gridded as a Transference Healing® Teacher.
  • Learn how to utilise your training tools and how to best teach the Fundamental Training. Most importantly, you will learn the process involved in templating and gridding your graduates during trainings you facilitate.
  • Learn how to build and support your Clients and Graduates.
  • Learn how to grow your spiritual business and become self-sufficient through the energy.
  • Learn how to step into the leadership role that becoming a teacher entails.
  • Learn about the initiations that you will experience as you continue on your journey of self-mastery at this level (this is the most challenging aspect of the journey through the Diamond Pyramid of Light™).

As you master these levels, you are working towards embodying the frequencies of the seventh dimension.

Alexis Cartwright

Teacher Training Includes

When you step into our Teacher Training you will receive the following inclusions:


  • Teacher Training Manual for the three-day Fundamental Training.
  • Certification to become and Transference Healing Teacher and teach the Fundamental Training.
  • Transference Healing website listing (name, picture, bio & contact details).
  • Teacher digital download; audio recording spoken by Alexis.
  • Eligibility to build your business with access to Transference Healing products at a wholesale rate.
  • Eligibility to step into the Transference Healing Mystery School 1.

Where to From Here?

Once you have completed your Teacher Training you are eligible to attend Level 1 of the Transference Healing Mystery School.  If you choose to step into the Mystery School you will have already been in a state of preparation, not only in this lifetime, but also in previous ones. You will be choosing to work towards perfecting and integrating all attributes of the Diamond Pyramid of Light™ into your daily reality.

The Mystery School is the missing capstone of the pyramid. It holds the energy and technology to support your entire empowerment and self-mastery process. It helps you to perfect embodying the seventh dimensional frequencies, as well as all the divine aspects, gifts and talents you need to ultimately anchor a seventh dimensional reality. Your ascension journey at this level will be uniquely suited to your soul’s destiny, and your faith, commitment and surrender to the process.  Those who choose to master more in the energy – through the higher teachings and initiations of the five levels of Mystery School – are given a gateway opportunity to understand the technology and frequencies of Transference Healing on a much deeper and more profound level.

For More Information on Our Mystery Schools

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