Trance Channel sessions provide you with an opportunity to receive a divine healing and channelled reading facilitated by Alexis Cartwright. They offer a deeper and more personal experience of the frequencies held within Transference Healing, and are made available for those who are undergoing a rapid ascension process into higher states of self-mastery.

During these sessions, you will receive an individual healing and reading specific to your own, unique ascension journey. With the support of Melchizedek, Alexis will perform a lightbody activation that anchors aspects of your Higher Self for the integration of your lightbody By opening you up to your Higher Self, Alexis is able to hear, see and communicate with your divine being, bridging the gap between your soul and your physical embodiment in this world. Though guides, higher aspects of self, past life memories and connections to interdimensional lifetimes have all come through during Trance Channels, it is impossible to know what will occur for you in a session. Though Alexis is the channel for your reading and healing, the session is ultimately orchestrated by your Higher Self; whatever comes through in the moment is unique to your ascension process.

These are not psychic readings. They are divine healings and ‘destiny and purpose’ readings that trigger deep healing and growth. Unique procedures incorporating alchemy and mystery school technology are channelled into your being so etheric weaknesses can begin to clear, and your physical body and consciousness can anchor a fifth dimensional reality. The information that comes through offers profound insight into your multidimensional being, enabling you to embrace your spiritual gifts and talents, and supporting you to shift into higher states of consciousness. Alexis will offer you spiritual insight into the divine evolutionary process you are undergoing at this time, so you can fully embrace a state of self-mastery in this incarnation. Through a Trance Channel session you are supported to reconnect to your true spiritual self.


If you want to attend a Trance Channel Session, please visit our Train with Alexis page.

“The Trance channel and Lightbody activation provides a deeper and more personal experience.”

Alexis Cartwright


A maximum of ten people can participate in a Trance Channel session. For our online sessions, groups will have 3 or 4 participants. One at a time, Alexis will perform an individual lightbody activation and reading. Each individual reading and healing lasts for approximately 10-20 minutes and is recorded for you to keep.


Trance Channel sessions are available to those attending a workshop or training with Alexis in the same event schedule. For those resitting with Alexis, eligibility is restricted for those only attending a Teacher Training resit. The frequencies that run during these training events support the lightbody integration that occurs during a Trance Channel, enabling the healing process to anchor harmoniously into your system.


You are eligible to participate in a Trance Channel session when you attend any of the Trainings & Workshops facilitated by Alexis in the same event schedule. Visit our Train with Alexis page to see the next available dates.

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