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Child of Light Teacher Meditation Workshop | Transference Healing


CHILD OF LIGHT ICONThe Child of Light Teacher Meditation Workshop was designed specifically for Certified Child of Light Teachers.  This three hour workshop teaches you how to facilitate ongoing meditation workshops utilising the Child of Light Meditation Book and Affirmation Cards by Alexis Cartwright.

This workshop teaches you how to create workshops that will aid your clients (parents/caregivers) to run the Child of Light Earth and Crystalline Grid Procedure on their own children. You will also be shown how to facilitate guided meditations for parents and their children during the workshops you create. Teachers will be taught the principles of running the Earth and Crystalline Grid Procedure as a healing procedure, in a workshop capacity.

The tools gained from this Teachers Workshop will allow you to work with your client base on a regular basis, providing ongoing support to parents/caregivers when working with their children.


If you want to become a Certified Child of Light Teacher, then, head over to our ATTEND TRAINING & WORKSHOPS page and select the date that suits you best to attend.


When you undertake our Child of Light Teacher Meditation Workshop you will receive the following BONUS inclusions:

  • A comprehensive Training Manual, detailing how to facilitate ongoing meditation workshops.
  • 1 x full colour template.
  • A full pricing structure, including guidelines outlining how to advertise your workshops.



To undertake this workshop, you must first be a Certified Child of Light Teacher.  The Child of Light Teacher Meditation Workshop is taught solely by Alexis Cartwright.

“Crystal Children create a healing impact on the souls they touch; those who are prepared to see, and those who are seeking spiritual truth. With clear and crystalline perception, these souls will forever alter our consciousness. They are instrumental to our evolution through the fifth dimension.” 

Alexis Cartwright