CHILD OF LIGHT ICONThe Child of Light Workshop supports you to work with your inner child, and also, more specifically, to understand and work with the unique attributes of Crystal Children. Crystal Children (those born since 1999) embody our new and more enlightened chapter of human evolution. They hold the template of the fifth dimensional grid, which is etherically encoded within their heart chakra. Their unique consciousness and sensitivity creates a healing impact that is instrumental to our evolution.

This workshop teaches parents a range of techniques to support Crystal Children, including a Transference Healing procedure channelled through the energetic influence of Chiron. This new procedure supports the Crystalline Grid Template to anchor in.  It also assists the integration of stellar/light and crystal frequencies into the sensitive body and consciousness of Crystal Children.  This in turn enables them to sustain the frequency to continue evolving within a more heightened level of personal and spiritual growth/awareness, while also providing the necessary resources to preventatively care against lightbody symptoms.

While this procedure has a powerful impact on Crystal Children, it can also be performed on adults, enabling them to explore the deep levels of their etheric patterning to clear inner child pain. This procedure supports both adults and children, helping you to anchor and sustain the new fifth dimensional grid.


If you’re searching for the latest advice, guidance, books or energetic tools to support your sensitive child to heal fears, tensions or worries, you’re sure to find just what you need in our new ONLINE SHOP.  Our CHILD OF LIGHT range offers a variety of ways to energetically support your Crystal Child.


When you undertake our Child of Light Workshop you will receive the following BONUS inclusions:

  • Workshop Manual.
  • 2 x full colour workshop templates.
  • Platonic Solids Crystal Set and a Clear Quartz Crystal.


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