Fundamentals IconIn this four-day* Fundamental Training you will receive a profound and life-changing initiation into the Transference Healing Diamond Pyramid of Light™, and will be energetically templated and gridded to begin running Transference Healing®.  As you learn the fundamental procedures, you will also learn how to channel the Transference Healing frequencies to support divine healing and ascension.

The fundamental procedures and frequencies have been anchored onto the planet by Alexis Cartwright, and are frequencies and elements that come through from the Earth and cosmos.  In this training you will learn how to create alchemy in the body, supporting lightbody integration and the ascension of the physical body into the fifth dimensional Adam Kadmon body. This is the technology bestowed by Enoch.

When you commit to this self-healing journey you are taking the first step toward self-mastery. By working on yourself, you shift the frequency of your body and consciousness, while also creating change in your reality.

The fundamental procedures are the structural foundation to master as a healer.  Regardless of how many higher levels of Transference Healing training you may attend, you will always run the fundamental procedures, for they create alchemy in the physical body.

Graduates are encouraged to periodically re-sit the Fundamental Training.  Transference Healing frequencies are integrated slowly. As you evolve through it, your awareness deepens and you more effectively absorb and understand the hidden alchemy it bestows. Over time, you awaken more to the sacred teachings of the universe. Re-sitting the training supports this process.

* When taught by Alexis Cartwright, the Fundamental Training runs for three days.  The training will only run for four days when it is sat with one of our Registered Teachers.  



“Our Fundamental Training brings Self-Healing and Faith.”

Alexis Cartwright


The Transference Healing Fundamental Training includes:

  • Introduction – The Cosmic Consciousness of Christ and the new healing modality of the lightbody system.
  • New spiritual and philosophical principles for healing.
  • Clearing and Protection/White Light Procedure – learning to clear and template a room.
  • Three Polarities of Christ Procedure – activating Christ Consciousness in healer and recipient, initiating divine healing powers.
  • Centering Inner Mind Procedure – bringing the mind into centeredness.
  • Severing Karmic Pain Procedure – severing karmic emotions, circumstances and genetic wounding.
  • Clearing Earthbound Energy Procedure – learning to clear distorted astral energies from the etheric field.
  • Triangular Diamond Doorway Procedure – working with the master etheric diamond to release energetic imbalances that restrict self-healing (physical, emotional, mental and ethereal).
  • Triangular Star Formation Procedure – aligning and balancing the electromagnetic body.
  • Earth and Magnetic Grid Alignment Procedure – aligning the etheric geometric template of the body to the Earth’s grid so the nervous system can heal, and the vertebrae and sacral system can adjust.
  • Chakra and Gland Procedures – initiating St Germain’s Violet Flame for karmic purification, releasing etheric wedges, and clearing chakras and glandular system.
  • Harmony Alignment Points Procedure – directing sound and colour into specific meeting points, allowing profound physiological shifts that release energetic imbalances from the body. Enhances the healer’s clairaudient skills.
  • Metaphysical Diamond Procedure – reaches into the seat of the soul where one heals personal wounding on a vibrational level. The body releases energetic density as the emotions evolve, creating new levels of enlightenment.
  • Feeling Vortex Procedure – releases etheric fibres that create energetic holograms, weakness and depletion in the body.
  • Grief Procedure – etherically clears the emotions of grief stored within the body and consciousness on a cellular level.
  • Master Spiritual Plane Diamond Procedure – tapping into the master template to enable self-mastery through the manifestation of gifts and talents.
  • Mental Pain Release Procedure – etherically working with the central nervous system and brain to support psychological disorders (Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, mental stress, memory loss etc).
  • Etheric Surgery Procedures – clearing tumours and energetic imbalances.
  • Chiron Wounding Procedures – works with the Chiron Point in the body to clear Chiron wounding in our patterning.
  • Colour Bath Procedures – works with the colour spectrum on a vibrational level of the body, to purify and clear the body, and awaken the consciousness.
  • Alchemy Symbols Procedure – 23 symbols that initiate powerful shifts in the body for healing and lightbody transformation (pure alchemy).
  • Animal Magic Procedure – Shamanic healing technique that integrates the instinctual and intuitive qualities of certain animals into your psyche.
  • Four Planes of Transformation Procedure – integrating appropriate meeting points with sound, symbols, colours and etheric crystals so the body can respond and adjust with the Earth changes.
  • Crystal Cross Procedure – integrates a celestial alchemical healing process to support the integration of the lightbody through the associated elements and geometric formations of the Crystal Cross.
  • Scales of Redemption Procedure – releases self-judgement, clears vices, re-codes DNA and initiates a sense of destiny and purpose.
  • Dragon Power Procedure – refines intent, empowers Divine Will and enhances a connection to the Masters.
  • Star of David Procedure – supports the integration of the lightbody and activates the Merkabah.
  • Holding Power of Light Procedure – useful for sustaining higher levels of light, empowers you to hold your sense of self.
  • Initiation of Rays and Masters Procedure – integrating the powerful technology and wisdom of the Rays into appropriate chakras, assisting you to work with its associated Master.
  • Merkabah Procedure – mastery of lightbody travel and Merlin Magic.
  • Lightbody Kit – learn about the 77 vibrational essences in the Lightbody Kit, and how to create therapeutic essences to support each healing.


When you undertake our Fundamental Training you will receive the following BONUS inclusions:

  • Practitioner Manual.
  • 6 x full colour Practitioner Templates and Healing Record Template.
  • Practitioner Lightbody Kit of 77 mother tincture vibrational essences.
  • Full colour Lightbody Kit Book, inclusive of colour photographs that identify all the lightbody crystals.
  • Fundamental Training certificate of achievement.
  • Graduate Presentation CD.

“Learning the Fundamental procedures is a hugely empowering process.”

Alexis Cartwright


Learning and integrating the Fundamental procedures will initiate a purification process. Through it you will embody frequency shifts, all the while perfecting the way you run energy. Fear will begin releasing as you shift distortion that manifests in your body, consciousness and reality. Learning the Fundamental procedures is a hugely empowering process.

With continual healing practise on yourself and loved ones, at a divine point in time you will begin anchoring the cosmic frequencies of the Advanced Level procedures.  You will be divinely guided to go through universal initiations to hold higher frequencies of light.  At this point you may choose to step into the Advanced Level Training. This training will provide you with the procedures to work with more cosmic energies and the lightbody system. You also obtain the certification to be of service to humanity as a Registered Transference Healing Practitioner.


If you are curious about becoming a Registered Healer or Teacher send us an enquiry and we will contact you shortly.