Awaken your Inner Healer: Explore Transference Healing Trainings

The Fundamental, Advanced and Teacher trainings are the three principal workshops that teach you how to run the Transference Healing energy and frequency.

During these trainings you will receive the knowledge and tools to unearth your self-healing abilities, manifest your gifts and talents, embody a higher state of being, and align your reality with your spiritual path.

Whether you want to learn Transference Healing to support your family unit, or you want to work with Transference Healing to build a business that enables you to live your spirituality every day of your life, these trainings provide the tools you need to commit to your empowerment journey. They can be attended by anyone who wants to learn how to run Transference Healing on themselves or others.

Live Streamed in 2024

Unearth your self-healing abilities, manifest your gifts & talents, & align your reality with your spiritual path.

Fundamental Training

21-23 June 2024

This 3-day training works with alchemy. Learn how to energetically support yourself and your loved ones.

  • Price: $3,200
  • Resit: $1,200

Advanced Training

25-26 June 2024

This 2-day training works with the lightbody. Gain the knowledge & skill to support yourself, loved ones & clients.

  • Price: $3,200
  • Resit: $1,200

Teacher Training

28 June 2024

This 1-day training supports you to actively participate in the empowerment of others. Become a certified Teacher.

  • Price: $4,500
  • Resit: $500

Trance Channel Session AM

8 – 11am AEDT Add on for $550

Receive a divine healing and channelled reading facilitated by Alexis.

8 – 11am AEDT Add on for $550

Trance Channel Session PM

12 – 3pm AEDT Add on for $550

Receive a divine healing and channelled reading facilitated by Alexis.

12 – 3pm AEDT Add on for $550

Discounted Bundles

Explore our package deals for discounted rates when
purchasing multiple courses and save up to $1,000!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I attend the live streamed training?

You can attend the Transference Healing training live, via Zoom, or watch the recordings within hours of each day’s completion. You will be emailed links and passwords to view the recordings when they are available. The recordings will be available for you to stream for up to 6 weeks after the training.

All training materials will be sent to you directly, via post or courier. Details on how to connect online will be released closer to the training’s commencement. All you will require is a computer (or tablet) with webcam capabilities and a stable internet connection.

What’s included in the price?

  • Experience the frequency directly with Alexis Cartwright, the creator of Transference Healing. Receive in-the-moment channellings, relevant to this time on Earth.
  • High-quality materials will be shipped straight to your home address.
  • Attend live stream or access recording, available for 6 weeks.
  • Everyone who attends the Fundamental, Advanced or Teacher Training for the first time is also invited to participate in a live 1-hour Introduction Session for each training, prior to commencement, and a 1-hour Revision Session for each training two weeks after. The Introduction Sessions will be recorded, but the Revision Sessions will not (as they are in Question and Answer format).

What if I have questions during the training?

Alexis will be teaching live, so you will receive the most up-to-date information. Time will be allotted for Q&A and questions are submitted via email. So, if you cannot attend the training live, you will be able to ask questions if you watch the recordings as soon as they are available (in the case of multi-day trainings).

Should I attend one or all three trainings?

Progression from the Fundamental training to the Advanced training, or from the Advanced to the Teachers, is completely optional. Some of our graduates have attended all three trainings one-after-the-other, while others have returned years apart.

What are resit bookings?

Resit bookings are for Transference Healing Graduates who are attending our trainings as a revision.

There are many layers of learning within Transference Healing. As you continue to work with the energy at home, your consciousness will expand and you will more finely attune to its frequency. Re-sitting our trainings supports this process, and many graduates come back each year simply to connect with Alexis and spend time in the energy.

No two trainings with Alexis are the same. Every time you attend, your awareness expands, and you will find that each training unearths more understanding and knowledge within you.

When resitting the Fundamental Training, you have the option to resit the full three days or the first two and a half days only (excluding the Lightbody Kit segment).

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Become a Registered Healer

Transference Healing was channelled for divine self-healing and ascension, the foundation of which is the Fundamental & Advanced trainings.

Upon completion of the Fundamental & Advanced trainings with Alexis, you have the knowledge, confidence and skill to run a full Transference Healing session on yourslef and others, including clients.

If you are truly committed to personal and spiritual empowerment through the Transference Healing lineage, the Fundamental and Advanced trainings are the perfect place to start.