Available online in 2025

Mystery School 1 offers you a sacred opportunity to become more empowered while understanding the nature and responsibility of power. Its aim is to help you master the healing powers of alchemy, while performing meditations, practices and procedures that help you understand the energetic make-up and spiritual technology of the body. This profound Mystery School enhances your own healing and ascension abilities.

For Mystery School 1 you are suspended in a sacred space for over three weeks. During this time you will participate in channellings, meditations, empowerment rituals, healing practices and deeply sacred initiations that offer profound transformation and growth. Facilitated by Alexis Cartwright, in this space you are nurtured to unlock the spiritual gifts and talents that are your divine birthright.

You will learn new procedures that create a more powerful healing impact on the body, while also working more extensively (and effectively) with the DNA, electromagnetic field and lightbody. You will also learn powerful spiritual practices to perform when you return home. Through the Transference Healing Mystery School you will more deeply understand the technology of Transference Healing, while also developing your own connection to universal mysteries.

  • Learn how to effectively filter the elements into your body for divine healing and ascension.
  • Work with the lightbody and Merkaba on a deeper level. Enter the hidden elemental and cosmic realms that support your physical existence and ascension.
  • Develop your psychic senses and connect to the Akashic Records, so you can retrieve universal information.
  • Experience trance meditations and initiation practices that support your ability to access sacred information.

At Mystery School 1 you will be taught procedures that unite you with your divine path and soul purpose, restoring self-worth and empowering you to live your multidimensional self. Be supported to become a master healer, ascension facilitator and spiritual teacher. This is the true purpose of the Transference Healing Mystery School: to empower you to be a healing light for evolution, change and expansion within your family, your community, and all of humanity.

Teachings & Practices

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Temple of Solomon Initiation & Meditation

You will receive a unique Mystery School wand, created by Alexis to enhance your alchemical healing abilities. This wand reconnects you to the sacred teachings once taught in King Solomon’s temple.

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Native American Shamanic Ritual

A deep purification process that heals suppressed emotional wounding. This practice supports you to release the fear of the astral & embrace your shamanic gifts & talents.

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Star of David Grid

Learn an Atlantean Transference Healing procedure to support the integration of the lightbody, and to access the profound ability to undergo a Merkaba experience. Explore the wonders of interdimensional expansion.

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Pentagram Grid

Connect to the crystalline matrix of the Earth and the technology that delegates the creative process. Access your own holographic field to reprogram your energetic patterning so it can come into alignment through the Law of Resonance.

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Egyptian Initiation

Connect to Sirian ritual teachings held within the Pyramids of Giza.

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Yamantaka Initiation

Connect to this Tibetan deity to purify the ego for enlightenment.

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Holy Grail

Connect to the true teachings of the Celestial Christ. An opportunity to understand the hidden nature of the Grail, and its connection to the human anatomy and kundalini. Connect to the Lemurian grid point through which the Green Man came into manifestation. Connect to the sacred teachings of John the Baptist, and the Celtic lineages of past Golden Ages.

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Lemuria & Atlantis

An in-depth study of Alexis’s channelled teachings on Lemuria and Atlantis, including a trance meditation within these two dimensions. You receive a wonderful opportunity to re-enter the Elemental Kingdom, and the crystal dimensions that exist in parallel to Earth.

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Connect with Nature

An opportunity to connect with incredible gridlines and enter sacred temples in the etheric from this stunning location.

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To register for Mystery School 1, you must have completed the Transference Healing Fundamental, Advanced and Teacher Trainings. You must also be performing at least two Transference Healing sessions a week (on yourself, family members or clients). You must be seeking to perfect your Transference Healing teaching skills. If you are interested in attending Mystery School 1 and you meet these eligibility requirements, please contact us for further information.

Curious about the Mystery School?

Do you want to accelerate your self-mastery process? Are you ready to embody your divine gifts and talents? Send us an enquiry about the Transference Healing Mystery School and we will contact you shortly.

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Mystery School 2

Mystery School 2 is centred on heart-mastery. Its teachings will reconnect you to the principles of the Sacred Feminine and the Goddess, while also exploring the complex electromagnetic technology of your rapidly evolving heart chakra. You will delve deep into the mysteries of nature to work with the hidden powers of alchemy and light. Feel your heart open and purify as you strengthen your connection to the inner realms of the Earth and cosmos. This Mystery School is truly transformative, breaking down the restrictions and perceptions of the ego to be reborn with an open heart and psyche.