Reconnect to the Sacred Feminine, explore the deeper chambers of the heart chakra & strengthen your connection to the inner realms.

Mystery School 2 is available online in 2025 for those who have completed Mystery School 1.  

Mystery School 2 focuses on heart-mastery. In this sacred space, you will reconnect with the Sacred Feminine and the Goddess while exploring the complex electromagnetic technology of your evolving heart chakra. Delve deep into the mysteries of nature, working with the hidden powers of alchemy and light, to open and purify your heart, strengthening your connection to the inner realms of the Earth and cosmos.

This journey takes you into your inner self, allowing you to explore the technology of the Black Ray – the source of all universal knowledge and creative substance, and the polarity force of the White Ray or divine consciousness. These teachings, channelled by Alexis while connecting with the frequencies of goddesses like Isis and Mary Magdalene, enable you to connect with ancient lineages and unlock deep states of purification. This awakening of the Feminine Principle allows you to embody your spiritual potential.

Through the mysteries of the Goddess, you will develop aspects of your psyche to truly understand your inner self. This process helps maintain purity of heart as you become more spiritually empowered through the Transference Healing Diamond Pyramid of Light. Mystery School 2 is transformative, breaking down ego restrictions and perceptions to rebirth you with an open heart and psyche.

Key Learnings:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the heart chakra and its electromagnetic technology.
  • Connect with the Sacred Feminine and ancient goddess lineages for spiritual awakening and empowerment.
  • Explore the mysteries of the Goddess to develop aspects of your psyche and maintain purity of heart.
  • Break down ego restrictions and perceptions to be reborn with an open heart and psyche.
  • Unlock the spiritual potential of the Black Ray, the source of universal knowledge and creative substance.

Teachings & Practices

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Heart Mastery

Work with the complex technology of the heart chakra to embody its knowledge. Learn practices and procedures that heal and develop your heart chakra.

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Mary Magdalene

Receive channelled information, practices, and procedures connecting you to the Sacred Feminine through the lineage of Mary Magdalene and the Queen of Sheba.

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The Holy Family

Understand the teachings of the Divine Mother, including channelled procedures, meditations and teachings, aided by Mother Mary and the Divine Sophia. Connect with the grid location of Solomon’s Temple and its divine Gnostic teachings.

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Crystal Skulls

Learn the sacred teachings of crystal skull technology and its role in human evolution. Connect to the parallel dimensions of Lemuria and Atlantis.

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Thoth & the Emerald Tablets

Connect to hidden teachings of the Emerald Tablets through the Pyramids of Giza and the fourth eye.

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Blessings from the Stars

Connect to the seven dimensions (the Seven Star aspect of the Master Christ Template symbol) to access teachings, initiations and stellar activations, supporting a state of mastery.

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Learn the hidden mysteries of the Tarot and its connection to your divine evolutionary process. Explore the technology of the Kabbalah and enhance your prophetic abilities.

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Learn practices and procedures that support the activation and integration of the lightbody and gain a deeper understanding of interdimensional realities.

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To register for Mystery School 2, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Completion of Mystery School 1.
  • Active participation in the spiritual practices from Mystery School 1, including monthly griddings and alchemy healings.

If you meet these criteria and are interested in attending Mystery School 2, please contact us for further information.

Projected Dates: November 2025
Cost: $11,000 | Resit Cost: $5,000


What are the five levels of the Transference Healing Mystery School?

The Transference Healing Mystery School, facilitated by Alexis Cartwright, began in January 2007. She has since conducted over 20 events, globally. The teachings are divided into five levels, with each level channelled and facilitated by Alexis. Graduates can move through the levels at their own pace, guided by their own divine intuition. Below is a brief overview of what each Mystery School entails.

Mystery Schol 1 introduces you to the hidden teachings of alchemy and attunes you to the holographic nature of the Global Grid Matrix. This enables access to spiritualised elements for enhanced healing and lightbody integration. You will journey through trance channellings and meditations led by Alexis, bringing ancient mysteries to life.

Mystery School 2 explores the alchemical teachings of the deeper chambers of the Heart chakra, supporting its potential for healing and awakening. This level focuses on healing deep-seated emotions from past lives and parallel worlds, awakening spiritual gifts and talents. It also explores the complex nature of our Divine Self.

Mystery School 3 introduces you to the power of the “Word” and the lost mysteries, empowering your spiritual gifts and potential while awakening higher levels of consciousness. This level explores the realms of the Archangels and shares practices that connect with this realm to awaken spiritual powers. Commune with Enoch and the Ascended Masters and Enoch to enhance self-mastery.

Mystery School 4 delves into the hidden teachings of the third eye chakra to awaken and enhance your psychic powers. This level also provides in-depth, channelled teachings on kundalini, to boost your healing potential and spiritual abilities. It also explores the mysteries of the Tree of Life and the Egyptian Book of the Dead, unveiling the mysteries of death, dying and rebirth.

Mystery School 5 introduces you to the divine presence and sacred teachings of Lord Melchizedek. This level focuses extensively on the Lightbody and Merkaba, enhancing your ability to travel into sacred kingdoms, higher interdimensional galactic realms, the and elemental (fairy) kingdoms.

The Advanced Teacher Training is an in-person event that takes place at Alexis’s sacred site retreat in Australia. During this nine-day event, you will commune with Alexis and her two sacred sites, the Goddess Stone Circle and Copper Pyramid. At this Training, you will access divine kingdoms and accelerate your ascension through channelled trance and Merkaba meditations. You will also connect to the universal Goddess and explore the mysteries of evolution held in the Akashic Records.

What are the costs & projected dates for the upcoming online Mystery Schools?

  • Mystery School 1: October – November 2025. Cost: $11,000 | Resit Cost: $5,000
  • Mystery School 2: November 2025. Cost: $11,000 | Resit Cost: $5,000
  • Mystery School 3: November 2025. Cost: $11,000 | Resit Cost: $5,000
  • Mystery School 4: March 2026. Cost: $11,000 | Resit Cost: $5,000
  • Mystery School 5: March – April 2026. Cost: $11,000 | Resit Cost: $5,000
  • Advanced Teacher Training*: April 2026. Cost: $10,000, plus travel & accommodation expenses.

*The Advanced Teacher Training will occur in-person, at the Garden of Eden Australia, in New South Wales, Australia.

Is there a special package for all 5 Mystery Schools?

Yes, a special package is available for those who wish to complete all five Mystery Schools in one cycle. This package offers a 10% discount off the total cost of $55,000, reducing the cost to $49,500. After completing all Mystery Schools, attendees can proceed to the nine-day Advanced Teacher Training with Alexis at the Garden of Eden Australia, which costs $10,000, plus accommodation & travel expenses.

What special connections with Alexis are included?

Each new attendee of the Mystery School will have a special one-on-one Zoom session with Alexis.

  • 20-minute one-on-one session for those attending Mystery School 1.
  • 45-minute one-on-one session for those attending Mystery Schools 1-5 in the same cycle (pre-booked prior to Mystery School 1).

These sessions allow Alexis to personally support your journey through the lineage of Transference Healing and welcome you to the community.

Will there be live interactions during the online Mystery School program?

Yes, there will be live interactions with Alexis and her team throughout the program. These sessions will be recorded to accommodate different time zones, ensuring no one will miss out.

Is there an option for an in-person experience?

Yes, if you prefer an in-person experience, you can attend the Mystery School at Halo Avalon in Glastonbury. This offers a designated sacred space and support from Transference Healing team member, Nareena-Gaia Mortimer. Additional costs apply.

What happens upon the completion of each Mystery School?

Each level concludes with a 3-hour online Zoom session with Alexis, in a group session, aimed at answering questions regarding channellings or procedures, and certifying completion of the Mystery School with certificates.

Register for our Mystery School 2 brochure

Do you want to accelerate your self-mastery process? Are you ready to embody your divine gifts and talents? Send us an enquiry about Mystery School 2 to receieve our online brochure in February 2025.

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Mystery School 3

Mystery School 3 introduces you to the power of the “Word” and the lost mysteries, empowering your spiritual gifts and potential while awakening higher levels of consciousness. Explore the realms of the Archangels and learn practices to connect with them to awaken spiritual powers. Commune with certain Ascended Masters and Enoch to enhance self-mastery.

Key topics include:

  • Connect to the extraordinary power and purity of the Archangels.
  • Explore the complex technology of the throat chakra & connect to the divine creative force of the WORD.
  • Learn one gridding practice and extensive alchemy procedures for personal & collaborative practice.