Alexis Cartwright began opening up to her psychic and spiritual gifts in her early childhood. Growing up in Mount Isa, Australia, (a small mining community in inland Queensland), she always felt a strong connection to the Earth and its crystal properties. Throughout her teenage years, her psyche continued to open. By the age of nineteen, she was performing psychic readings professionally. These readings centred on a client’s spiritual destiny and purpose, rather than the day-to-day experiences of third dimensional reality.

Over time, these unique and profound readings gave Alexis insight into the energetic makeup of the human body and consciousness. They enabled her to see energetic blocks in the body, and how and why they manifested into disease. At the age of twenty-three – in a past life regression that was channelled through the planetary influence of Chiron – Alexis gained an even deeper understanding of the energetic patterning of the physical body.

She was guided to understand the universal mysteries. She began attuning to the grid of the planet to find answers to her many questions regarding the human spirit. Her awareness opened and her faith birthed. At the age of twenty-nine, Alexis began to channel new frequency-healing procedures. These procedures helped her clear distortions held deep within the etheric body, and to work with the alchemical properties of nature. Accompanied by psychic readings, these healings enabled her clients to shift their energetic patterning and master ‘transitional’ pain that was manifesting through the Earth changes. At this stage in her journey, Alexis began to attain universal knowledge about human evolution and ascension. While simultaneously attuning the grid and the patterning of the physical body and consciousness, she began to retrieve, remember and access the mysteries of the Universe.

After performing healings on thousands of clients, at the age of thirty-two Alexis had completed channelling Transference Healing®. A new way of healing had anchored onto the planet, incorporating the human anatomy, and the technology of light, and the grid.

Alexis soon began to see that the key to ascension is self-healing, and that her true purpose was to teach others to heal themselves. For her, self-healing and enlightenment are initiated when we create our own direct connection to the Universe. As she began to shift her focus to teaching, Alexis was guided to write Beyond Doorways. Through it, the universal teachings of Transference Healing could disperse out into the world.

Through the guidance of Lord Melchizedek, Alexis then began to establish the Transference Healing Mystery School, which reveals the higher teachings she is learning throughout her enlightenment journey. This Mystery School shares a lifetime of knowledge, and are attended by those who are embracing self-mastership in this lifetime.

In 2015, Alexis established the Garden of Eden Australia, a retreat upon which she erected two sacred sites. Alexis now travels extensively to teach Transference Healing, as well as offering online trainings. She also offers online meditations and lightbody activations, known as mass healings. Most recently, Alexis created the Academy of Learning, through which she shares Akashic knowledge that she is consistently channelling, knowledge that would otherwise be lost.

Her dearest wish is to be of service to humanity in its journey of healing, mastership and ascension.