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Mystery School 5 begins at Uluru, where you will attune to the most ancient teachings of the indigenous Australians. Listen to and honour the spirit forces of our creation to heal and reconnect to your spiritual origins.

After three days in Uluru, you will move onto the bulk of the Mystery School in the Hunter Valley, two hours north of Sydney. Through the guidance of Archangel Metatron, you will embrace the channelled teachings of Enoch and the Kabbalah, connecting with the sacred Elemental and Archangelic realms. Explore the hidden realms of Da’at, revealed through the Tree of Knowledge.

Throughout the Mystery Schools, you will connect to ancient grid lines to crystallise your Lightbody and Merkaba. It supports you to explore the alchemical mysteries of the subtle bodies, so you can embody your Higher Self and explore interdimensional realms; higher realities and worlds that are instrumental in the exploration of your divinity, and your immortality.

It is at the final level of the Mystery school that you learn the sacred way of Lord Melchizedek, to understand and master the universal Laws and principles orchestrated by nature. This is the pure power of manifestation. The Transference Healing Mystery School is a key to this lineage and sacred way of ascension; to embrace the divine powers of healing while living interdimensionally.

All Mystery School 5 participants will have the option to continue to the Advanced Teacher Training, a six-day training that qualifies you to teach the Transference Healing Advanced Training. This training will take place at Alexis’s personal retreat in Boree Valley, near Wollombi. This property borders Yengo National Park – home to Mount Yengo, the “Uluru of the East” – and is home to two sacred sites created by Alexis: the Pyramid and the Goddess Stone Circle. Here you will learn to hold the energy of the Advanced Teachings, commune with the Goddess, and assimilate the power and properties of the ‘Creative Principle’.

Teachings & Practices

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Connect to the ancient codes of sacred land to awaken the healing core of your spirit.

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Archangel Metatron & the Celestial Heavens

Explore the Celestial Heavens or Angelic Plane, supported by the divine intervention of Archangel Metatron, the Archangelic aspect of Enoch.

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Embrace the pure essence of alchemy through the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge.

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Crystal Plane Procedure

Learn your final Alchemy Procedure, working with the Higher Chakras and the creation of the subtle bodies (the new anatomy).

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Animal Magic & the Tarot

Explore the teachings of Animal Magic more deeply. Learn how to work with this energy for deep personal insight.

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The Cosmic Christ

Come to truly understand the nature of the Cosmic Christ and the will of God for the manifestation of your destiny.

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Embrace the most sacred of Merkaba teachings, overseen by Lord Melchizedek. Live your multidimensional self and explore your divinity.

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Why Australia?

Mystery School 5, as the capstone of the Transference Healing Diamond Pyramid of Light, was always destined to take place in Australia, the country of Alexis’s birth. Her personal connection to this grid empowers the teachings of Mystery School 5, which consolidate all the knowledge and teachings of Transference Healing. Here, more than any location in the world, is where Alexis has had the greatest opportunity to still herself, opening her up to the great power and mystery of the land.

Level 5 also offers you the opportunity to work with the electromagnetic powers of Uluru, a sacred site with great potential to activate profound initiations of power. Those who progress onto the Advanced Teacher Training will also visit Alexis’s private retreat, the Garden of Eden Australia. This property borders Yengo National Park, home to Mount Yengo, the “Uluru of the East”. Local Aboriginal lore states that Mount Yengo is the place where Biamie departed to the skies after finishing his creative tasks during the Dreamtime. Biamie is the being responsible for the creation of the world, the Law, knowledge and ceremony. To the Indigenous Australians of the East, this location is where creation began.

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To register for Mystery School 5, you must have completed Mystery Schools 1 – 4. You must also be actively participating in the spiritual practices passed onto you in Level 4, including the gridding, alchemy and meditation practices. To register for the Advanced Teacher Training, you must be attending Mystery School 5. If you are interested in attending Mystery School 5 and you meet these eligibility requirements, please contact us for further information.

Curious about the Mystery School?

Do you want to accelerate your self-mastery process? Are you ready to embody your divine gifts and talents? Send us an enquiry about the Transference Healing Mystery School and we will contact you shortly.