The Diamond Pyramid of Light

The Diamond Pyramid™ of Light illustrates the energetic technology upon which Transference Healing® is sustained. Held within it are all the frequencies, workshops and trainings that support ascension through this lineage of teachings. It upholds the energetic matrix of the Great Pyramid, the doorway through which you can interconnect with the dimensions that guide your evolutionary path. This pyramid holds the Transference Healing frequency within our world.

The Diamond Pyramid of Light was established through the divine guidance of Lord Melchizedek with the support of other spiritual Masters.  These Ascended Masters support the knowledge and energetic procedures that channel through at each level. Through it, the universal mysteries can be accessed.

The purpose of the pyramid is to template a way to learn and evolve through this time of transition. The Diamond Pyramid of Light is a structure of support and unity that encourages you to manifest a fifth dimensional Adam Kadmon body and create a Golden Age reality. Each step within the pyramid is optional and your progression through it is delegated by your Higher Self. Though it has many levels and layers, it is not a hierarchy. There are many paths to healing and ascension, and we are all students in that. The Diamond Pyramid of Light seeks to hold a light for all on this journey to self-mastery.

The Diamond Pyramid of Light is a platform upon which you are empowered to learn the hidden teachings of alchemy in order to ‘heal thyself’, anchor light and embody your Higher Self, all of which empowers you to actively participate in global ascension.

Curious About Attending Alexis' Trainings & Workshops?

Interested in starting your healing journey to self-empowerment? The Transference Healing Diamond Pyramid of Light will support you to uncover and achieve your spiritual purpose. Fundamental Training is the perfect first step in beginning your journey to self healing.  We invite you to find out more about our Fundamental Training.

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