Facilitated by Alexis Cartwright, the 7th Golden Age Mystery School is the furthermost calling in a divine empowerment process through the frequencies of Transference Healing®. Each level of the Mystery School suspends you in a sacred space for over three weeks, at a powerful grid location on the planet. During this time Alexis reveals higher teachings she has acquired throughout her own enlightenment journey. Offering profound transformation and growth, the Transference Healing Mystery School is life-changing.

While on location you will participate in channellings, meditations, empowerment rituals, healing practices and deeply sacred initiations that delve into your multidimensional being. You will connect to the frequencies of various Ascended Masters, explore lost teachings, and come to know yourself in a truly empowering way. In this space you are nurtured to unlock the spiritual gifts and talents that are your divine birthright.

Each level also reveals unique alchemy and lightbody procedures that support not only healing, but also the embodiment of your Higher Self. These sacred teachings were anchored onto the planet by Thoth during the time of Atlantis. When you connect to them, you remember and unite with your divine path and soul purpose. At its most fundamental level, the Mystery School provides the space to restore your self-worth and be empowered to live your true self.

The teachings of the Mystery School unravel the true nature of the Earth, your evolving body, the technology of the Merkabah, and the properties of the lightbody. This profound knowledge triggers dormant memories or codes within your DNA, enabling you to create the foundations through which the Christbody and Consciousness can manifest. Through this, you are supported to become a master healer, ascension facilitator and spiritual teacher at this vital time of rebirth. In fact, this is the true purpose of the Transference Healing Mystery School: to empower you to be a healing light for evolution, change and expansion within your family, your community, and all of humanity.

All Mystery Schools of the ages taught alchemy and healing as well as the mystical wisdom necessary to reconnect to the higher realms. It is by integrating and mastering the frequencies and teachings of the Transference Healing Mystery School that you will be given a unique opportunity to begin an accelerated mastership process on Earth. You will begin a physical ascension of ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ to personally experience a divine connection to the illusive ‘Holy Grail’; an alchemical symbol representing the knowledge, technology and power of the ‘Christ Light’. Through the channelled teachings of the Mystery School, you will be supported to reconnect to the Goddess and all the magic she bestows.

Alexis believes that all those who choose to attend the Mystery School have been in a state of preparation beyond this lifetime. Its aim is to support those who are being called to actively participate in the next wave of ascension, and thereby begin their own divinely-orchestrated journey toward self-mastership.

The first Mystery School Level 1 occurred in January 2007. Since then, Alexis Cartwright has facilitated over ten Mystery School events at various locations across the globe. By the time each has been anchored onto the planet, there will be five levels of the Transference Healing® Mystery School.  Each is channelled and facilitated by Alexis, and is designed to clear and co-create the opportunity to evolve and master, enabling you to begin living within the 7th Golden Age now manifesting through the Earth’s ascension. Each graduate can move through the Mystery School levels at their own pace. Not everyone will attend all five levels, and that is for their own divine guidance to determine. Completion of each level enables you to progressively understand what the Masters before you accomplished in their attainment of enlightenment.


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Mystery School Level 1 offers you a sacred opportunity to become more empowered while understanding the nature and responsibility of power. Its aim is to help you master the healing powers of alchemy while performing meditations, practices and procedures that help you understand the energetic make-up and spiritual technology of the body. This profound Mystery School enhances your own healing and ascension abilities.


M ystery School Level 2 is centred on heart-mastery. In it, you will reconnect to the principles and teachings of the Sacred Feminine and the Goddess, while also exploring the complex electromagnetic technology of your rapidly evolving heart chakra. You will delve deep into the mysteries of nature to work with the hidden powers of alchemy and light. Feel your heart open and purify as you strengthen your connection to the inner realms of the Earth and cosmos. This Mystery School is truly transformative, breaking down the restrictions and perceptions of the ego to be reborn with an open heart and psyche.


M ystery School Level 3 is very ‘holy’. At this level you will explore the complex technology of the throat chakra to connect to the divine creative force the WORD and open profound levels of awareness. You will also enter the Angelic realms to connect to the extraordinary power and purity of these beings. In this way you are templated with the technology for supreme evolutionary oneness. Level 3 connects you to your spiritual self as a co-creative force and consciousness of the Divine. It is extremely empowering.


Mystery School Level 4 is very divine. It centres on deep purification, releasing you from the painful restraints of karma, matter and the lower worlds so you may ascend into a higher and more divine reality. This level supports you to embody your oversoul and manifest past life gifts and talents for self-mastery. Mystery School Level 4 also delves into the esoteric teachings of alchemy, including that of the Holy Spirit, for deep cellular healing and enlightenment. By working with the esoteric teachings of the Kabbalah and Egyptian mysteries, while also accessing the hidden technology of the third eye, you will come to see the true power held within the elements and our world. This creates change and transformation at a core level. It is true magic.



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